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Pentagon Exempts Ukraine Funding From Possible Government Shutdown

As the September 30th deadline approaches, congressional leaders seem to be making little progress in passing a stopgap funding bill that would avoid a government shutdown.

Unfortunately, many Americans may soon be facing the consequences of this political failure, including possible job losses and decreased access to necessary services.

However, there is one group of people who can rest assured that their operations will not be affected by any potential shutdown: Ukraine.

While citizens of the United States are left waiting and worrying about what comes next, Ukraine has been given an exemption from any budget turmoil by the Pentagon – meaning they’ll still receive their money regardless of what happens in Washington.

At least some in Washington have seen fit to make sure Ukraine doesn’t miss out on its funding. After all, just days before the looming shutdown Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs Chair General Mark Milley and other senior leaders at the Pentagon.

It was during this meeting that it was announced that Pentagon operations related to Ukraine would remain intact even if Congress failed to pass a budget deal – allowing key training activities and other support for Kyiv’s forces to move ahead without interruption.

Our leaders in Congress have a subservient attitude toward Zelensky, jumping to do his bidding without question.

The American people should be insulted.

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6 Responses

  1. Not only should Americans be insulted, they should be OUTRAGED!!! Our government is funding this war, and I firmly believe the American hierarchy is getting their fair share. This administration does not care about American citizens at all. We are being shoved to the back and silenced. Why do any democrats support this administration? I just don’t get it. In my 80+ years born and raised in this country, I have never seen anything like this. I never in my wildest dreams thought Communism would be the governing body of our country.

    1. I agree Katie; but something else caught my attention of the same dire concern or warning; that “things are out of control” and my question is; “exactly who” is behind it all!

      “Newest Trans Trend is a Slap in the Face to Every Handicapped Person!”

      Reading that I thought immediately how all US Citizens are being slapped in the face with a Wide Open Border that’s allowing ISIS Terror Cells to get in, along with Drug Cartels, MS-13 Satanic worshiping killers, Chinese nationals many of them battle ready troops who may be getting ready for the “total collapse of America!” This while hundreds of $Billions are funneled into Ukraine for their border, or rather the Oligarchs; to divvy up and make the Big Kickbacks to the corrupt as hell operatives in Congress working with the “Deep State and Globalists!”

      There it is I think the “Globalist Agenda” is being coddled; as evidenced by the fact that the ever so evil Soros’ son has made continuous trips to the “Xiden Puppet White House” and we know Soros is all about imploding communities businesses or nations, so they can be bought out and resurrected under new leadership or corrupt control! I think the stated headline above that caught my attention is all tied into the same evil Globalists activity seeking to topple America and many nations for ultimate control of them all.

      Here is what I said to that other fake-out!

      What the hell, why don’t we all claim some special consideration status under the law and override all societal norms so that we too can gain some privilege or special access we “absolutely don’t deserve” or are “morally entitled” to! Ah yes, that’s it who cares about “morals” anymore and the “Tried, Tested and Proven Facts” in which “all matter or atomic particles” in the universe revolves around!

      We can now “ignore” all of that and just go ahead with “whatever our own crippled or insane minds” want to “concoct and believe” as our “individual preference” and the rest of the world has to “accept and believe what we dictate” or they can take a “flying leap into hell” for all we care, but, they will “have to agree and think as crazy as we do,” being how we are so above all of this; “we now can play God!” This while the whole human race is going to hell in a hand-basket!

      Hey now I can just say I’m a “Native American” which would be so fun and presto changeo I’m an Indian Chief or whatever and gain special perks at any university in the country! Or how about this; I’m African American and demand my overdue reparations all the way back to the Ottoman Empire Caliphate, for all of my past kin folk even though they don’t really exist!

      If this absolute stupidity and evil madness isn’t stopped pronto we will get the anarchy and totally insane world these Lunatic Trans genders and LGBTQIA+ mentally deranged “leftist losers” what to “invoke upon the human race;” just because they say they can!

      We the People are being Played Big Time!

      The fleecing of America and Totalitarian Control coming at ya!

  2. “A trait empires have in common is there dependence for enforcement on a superior military power – most often the Navy. The greatest empires have always been maritime. The British empire was entirely the result of British naval superiority. But the cost of control seem to outweigh the benefits. One reason imperial policy seems superficially advantageous in terms of costs and benefits is the seduction of absolute power. But if imperial powers can’t conquer a country and bring it into the field peacefully, they wipe it out as a signal to others. The other imperial power on the rise today is George Orwell’s nightmare.dystopia – a world in which there were no nation states but rather 3 powers wielding absolute control over 3 land masses into which everyone had been aggregated. Something like this is the dream of Klaus Schwab of the WEF and his fellow globalists (many of them American) who meet annually in Davos. There vision is a transnational ruling class consisting of elites drawn mostly from the business, political, media and academic worlds, with the power to issue edicts on climate change, public health, diversity, human rights, and even taxes, that override the will national majorities. The Davos crowd are great propagandists with their argument that the totalitarian rule they want to impose is for our benefit & the larger brotherhood of man. Kipling wrote a bleak poem of lamentation, “Recessional,” about the British Empire, warning that it is destined to fail. Maybe he studied history. Some say America is behaving imperialistically – we do have 600 military bases around the world. One of the things great empires had/have in common is that their leaders say or believe that their imperialistic policies have little to do with self interest.” It’s worth nothing that President Trump got more cooperation from other countries, including and especially our enemies, by fair and honest negotiations that any other president, past or present, who used and still use military imperialism.

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