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Police Officer Sideswipes Female With A Gun In Busy Intersection

North Bellmore, New York – On Tuesday, a quick-thinking Long Island police officer is being credited with potentially saving numerous lives.

According to the Daily Mail, an unidentified 33-year-old female was reportedly firing a semi-automatic pistol into the air and pointing it at passing motorists in the middle of a busy intersection.

The officer used their police SUV to knock her down and subdue her.

Nassau County Police informed the Daily Mail that officers responded to the scene at approximately 2:20 PM. Footage taken by an onlooker depicts a woman walking erratically on the road before pointing a gun at her head.

Subsequently, a police vehicle swiftly veered towards her and struck her legs, causing her to collapse onto the pavement.

Officers then moved in to apprehend the individual.

Despite the hard strike and subsequent fall, the woman somehow managed to escape with only minor injuries according to Newsday. She was treated at a local hospital.

Police said the officer was also sent to the hospital for a check-up on emotional trauma.

Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder praised the officer for his heroic act and explained why it was justified.

I am never going to Monday morning quarterback my cops.

The protocol in the police department is that deadly physical forces versus deadly physical force. That’s the law

The investigation into the incident remains ongoing. The woman is in custody but has yet to be charged at this point.

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12 Responses

  1. You just saw a crazy Black woman with a gun who belongs not in jail but a mental instution as sane people do not do those kinds of thing. Maybe we should be taking some of that money that Joe Biden has been sendinging overseas and make some major mental institutions that has bars on the windows and steel doors to start storing these mentally deranged people in. How many have crossed out southern border thanks the Idiot #1 in the White House.

  2. This was not a woman. It was a man with breast implants. That does not make him a woman, even though the police put higher priority on placating the man’s “self identity” and “preferred pronouns” than on simply telling the truth. Why is Chelsea Betonie just regurgitating it, rather than doing real journalism?

    1. Correct, and the dude has a long rap sheet and has been in and out of the slammer but the chick thing he plays now is so he can be sent to a women’s prison for a softer more fun incarceration or institutional stay! See this criminal is not crazy, but is shrewd and playing the system, and wants to do the crime but not the time; he figures if he must do it then he can do it “his way;” his “Preferred style” of living and punishment!

      “A life of crime and playtime!”

      The society as a whole is very ill now because this stupidity and nonsense is being allowed to expand and suck in so many people; as for example all of the aka Transgender BS, as there are absolutely only Two Sexes and people are born with one or the other it’s not this gender nonsense which is actually only a mentally ill problem or someone trying to scam!

      “The XX/XY sex-determination system is the most familiar, as it is found in humans. The XX/XY system is found in most other mammals, as well as some insects. In this system, most females have two of the same kind of sex chromosome (XX), while most males have two distinct sex chromosomes (XY).” Wikipedia

      The liberals and radical progressives have screwed up our system to the point where far too many people are so confused or brainwashed believing outright Lies that its becoming anything goes, whatever, who cares as the apathy takes hold! America once a great highly desirable nation and place to want to live in, is becoming another Marxist Failed State Loony Bin! Thank the Demorats and weak-kneed Rino’s!

      What I say is for real and don’t you just believe some reported Internet or TV news incident until you corroborate the story with some research to get the “Facts Straight,” something liberals and trolls hate! They hates facts and being straight or honest! Go figure look at FJB the Liar in Chief! A Pathological Liar with no conscience!

      “A person who police thought was a woman and was knocked down by a police vehicle on Long Island for allegedly pointing a loaded gun at traffic has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon.
      Kiber Calderon, age 31, a.k.a. Hanna Carillo, age 33, was placed into custody and a loaded firearm was recovered.”,dpr_auto,f_auto,g_faces,h_720,q_auto:eco,w_720/Kiber_Calderon_tpgiba.jpg

      We are being scammed in the Nation’s Capital and in the Streets!

  3. A true hero cop would have run over this insane simian, backed up and finished the job. Now the taxpayers will just have another mouth to feed!

    1. Seriously – Ingrate – He is a Hero because “HE WILL PROBABLY BE CHARGED” with some outrageous excrement because she’s a female, she
      s black and he will probably bite the big one for doing the right thing

      1. He is not a she at all and is a Hispanic or Caucasian! Look folks this total load of BS excrement that our nation is being buried under has been building for several decades and the “Commie Liberal Marxist Hard Left Freaks” have consolidated their influences to “tear America a new one” wiping out the Constitution along with God or any sense of genuine Morality! A new Sodom and Gomorrah sheet-hole!

        America’s standards are in the toilet now! Circling the big bowl as the big flush is happening!

  4. .

    .A very small twitch of the steering wheel could have saved the people a lot of expense. Just saying.

  5. AMEN and GREAT Driving Skills!! Too bad there arent more like him, The Police Officer who did this was awesome – Take note: He did it ONLY after she put the gun to her own head… Saved her life.
    However arent we all sick of Obama’s Entitled potential children acting out their entitlement? I am

  6. Now that you mention the “King Ingrate Traitor Imposter President” this dude with the gun and a set of boobs is just “his kind of people,” as Obama is absolutely a “switch hitter” and “huge Liar!” 8 years of him in the driver’s seat with Biden as his “backdoor man” was what the “Commie Liberal Marxist Hard Left Freaks” needed to get America where it is now; slipping off the precipice and into the dark abyss!

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