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President Trump Rails on Democrats Over Lawsuits Outside NYC Courtroom

As President Trump left the New York City courtroom where his legal team is battling a suit filed by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., he took to the podium to deliver powerful words of condemnation against Democrats for their attempts at election interference.

“This is election interference,” Trump said, speaking to the press outside the courthouse. “They are using this as a political weapon – and it’s disgraceful.”

The president went on to condemn what he described as “a whole system that is corrupt” and declared Democrats are attempting to use illegal tactics in order to interfere with his re-election campaign.

Trump also noted that he was not alone in his opposition to Democratic efforts, citing Jim Banks, an Indiana congressman who recently threw his support behind Trump’s reelection bid.

“I mean, you look at Congressman Jim Banks from Indiana – he just came out very strongly against [Democrats],” Trump said. “And there are many others like him. They see what’s going on here — they understand it better than anyone else.”

President Trump has long been critical of Democrats for their attempts at election interference, demanding they are using bogus lawsuits and false accusations in order to sway public opinion ahead of November’s presidential election.

His latest comments come as part of an ongoing effort by his administration and supporters to push back against these allegations.

Ultimately, President Trump remains confident that voters will recognize the truth when they cast their ballots this fall: That Democrats are trying desperately but unsuccessfully to interfere with free and fair elections in America.


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