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Pro-Hamas Protestors Attempt to Take Over FOX News Headquarters in NYC

On Friday, the ANSWER Coalition organized a protest at the New York headquarters of Fox News’s parent company, accusing the network of covering up genocide in Palestine.

Protesters gathered in the lobby, brandishing Palestinian flags and holding a banner reading “Fox News’ lies cover up genocide.”

Coalition reported on X (formerly Twitter) that “hundreds” of people attended the protest; however, a spokesperson for the New York Police Department told The Hill that there were approximately thirty protesters.

The NYPD took sixteen individuals into custody, according to the spokesperson.

Although these people claim to be opposed to colonialism, their actions suggest otherwise. Instead of attempting to understand the nuanced political and historical context of what they are protesting, they attempt to dominate and occupy other people’s spaces without considering the implications of their actions.

It appears likely that many of these participants lack an understanding of the deeper meaning behind their demonstration.

RedState reported:

They’re back! Fresh from their one-night attempted takeover of the DNC in Washington, D.C., a cabal of Hamas-loving protesters somehow muscled their way into the New York City headquarters of Fox News on Friday…

It was, therefore, no surprise that Fox News found itself as one of those targets. They’re the enemy of the left on a typical day; they’re really in the crosshairs right now because they don’t toe the antisemitic line advocated by the pro-Hamas crowd (and many in the Democrat Party).

The Friday incident saw around thirty members of the radically leftist and antisemitic ANSWER Coalition, which has been behind many of the Pro-Hamas rallies in recent weeks, rush the lobby of the News Corp building, home to Fox News. One protestor banged a drum while the mob chanted, “Fox News, Fox News, you can’t hide, your lies cover up genocide.”

The crowd looked very much like every other “from the river to the sea” gathering of recent weeks. Instead of pitchforks and torches, they wield megaphones and face masks. Always with the masks, these brave warriors.


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6 Responses

    1. They all need to be rounded up and shipped directly to GAZA – if they retain their heads long enough, maybe they can DEMAND that Hamas LEAVE? Additionally, every person protesting in support of these terrorists that are here on some Visa should have those Visas rescinded and immediately deported back to their lovely 3d World countries!

  1. The willfully ignorant lemmings support The Anti-American Communists that call themselves Democrats. These people are clueless as to the fact that there was a ceasefire to which the hamas government that was elected by the people in palestine broke by attacking, killing, and raping people and then taking hostages.
    The people of palestine voted for their hamas government so now they are suffering because of their choice. The Anti-American Communists that call themselves Democrats are destroying The United States with their actions and policies, shown daily. We are ALL suffering because the same willfully ignorant lemmings voted for Traitor Joe.
    Elections have consequences. Bring back mean tweets and no wars, $2.00 gas, and affordable groceries. The Democrats have no clue how to help Citizens of The United States. Traitor Joe is aiding and abetting drug smuggling and human trafficking via the southern border he opened. Traitor Joe puts America Last. Most corrupt administration in United States History.

  2. So now we have terrorists attacking in NY and yall are ok with it. Why are the terrorists of hamas here in our country to begin with ??? If their so worried about the hamas terrorists over in gaza, then why don’t they go there instead of living here. And why are the democrats alouding this to happen. These are the right question to ask. I say start shooting them and save us the BS from later happening else where. End it now and save us all the BS.

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