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Protester Finds out Acting Badly at Riley Gaines Speech in Buffalo Has Consequences

Leftist protesters no matter how violent believe nothing will happen to them when they act up in blue cities. But as one protester found out, you can’t always count on that. Riley Gaines was giving a speech at the University of Buffalo, where she said it was unfair that biological boys and men compete with girls and women. She has protesters chasing after her everywhere she goes.

In Buffalo there were three protesters dressed in black and they began following Deputy Director of the Leadership Institute, Sofie Salmon. One tried to knock her phone out of her hand. She then walked away, but to her dismay, police officers followed her and put the cuffs on her before heading to the station.

Just the week before Gaines was physically attacked in San Francisco:

We saw in the case of San Francisco State University, how wrong things can go when you do not enforce the law properly and protect free speech. Women’s rights activist and All-American college swimmer Riley Gaines was assaulted and kept trapped in a room by howling activists because the University failed to protect the speaker and failed to properly handle things once they got out of hand. Then, they failed to even apologize, recognize the assault occurred, or even attempt to hold anyone accountable. As far as we know, so far no one has yet been arrested in the matter, and the school itself seems to be keeping its head in the sand. Gaines has said that she intends to sue.

University Police arrested a 22-year-old female from Buffalo Thursday evening for harassment and disorderly conduct. The woman is not a student at the university and has no connection to it at all. She was released with an appearance ticket,” UB’s Vice President for Communications John Della Contrada told Campus Reform. There were some students there, but others like the girl that got arrested have no connection to the university at all.

We are all told that there is no difference between a real woman and a fake one, but fake women set all kinds of records. Now, name one woman who identifies as a man that has badly beaten the boys. Why not? You say there is no difference.

From RedState

This was an interesting tidbit in the UB Spectrum on the event:

The Student Life Freedom of Assembly Support Team (FAST) will also be in attendance to remind students and faculty of the right to free speech and the “responsibility to abide by public rules of order and maintain a climate of respect,” according to the university.

That’s something maybe more universities should encourage. We can see the need for teaching college students that they need to respect the rights of those with whom they disagree. We saw an issue this week at the University of Washington, although that University reacted correctly as well.

Buffalo got it right. Gaines was able to speak, protesters were able to protest. Nobody’s speech was shut down, and the University didn’t have to make any excuses because they took the time to plan and care about the safety of everyone involved. Plus, the police reacted appropriately to the one person who created a problem.




13 Responses

  1. True Steven…..the whole debacle is nothing more than a scam by fruits to justify their behavior.

  2. These queers are mentally retarded. You can see what happens when you cultivate mental illness instead of treating it. Just like a invasive species that is not kept it check it gets out of control and destroys everything. Then the only way to deal with it is to totally remove it from existence. It is sad but it will become necessary.


  3. I’ve changed my mind.

    No adoptions for same sex couples.
    No, “special” queer rights. The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights cover LEGAL American Men and Woman.
    SCOTUS will address that, soon. Can’t wait to see the soiled panties on that one.
    No government positions or gun permits for mentally ill Americans. Adult gender confusion is a mental illness and should be treated as such.
    Full and total beat downs when one of these DemocaCommies or their WOKE terrorists get physical. Hussien’s racist army can only turtle kick and cry, “momma” for the body cams, vanity phones and propaganda machine.

    Best path for Commies and the Woke…
    Assault an Constitutional American, get hit A LOT, hit the ground, to hospital in hand cuffs, to holding on a Friday night with the crack heads, court, recovery, physical therapy and a liquid diet and then watch shows like Family Guy and South Park that promote things like pedophilia and beastiality. And pedophilia beastilality!

  4. Sex is for PROCREATION and made enjoyable to ENSURE THE SPECIES CONTINUES.

    hOMOSEXUALS LOSE SIGHT OF THAT IN THEIR SEARCH OF THE PERFECT ORGASM, which is the only thing in life they actually WORSHIP.

    If their peepee feels good, they are happy.

  5. Our “justice system” is, in the majority ABSOLUTELY BIASED is support of the left. That must be corrected. Impeachment, voting out of office, or the appropriate means, but those that fail to decide based upon the law must be removed for their positions – and that included Chief JUDAS John Roberts and INTIMIDATED, SPINELESS, COWARDS like Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett!

  6. I think every time a tranny female enters a women’s sporting event, the rest of the women should withdraw. Or a “real” man “feeling like a lady that day” should enter just to rob the tranny of a victory. Just like what happened in Canada at a women’s weight lifting championship.

  7. Not to worry, she was released on an “appearance ticket”, that means when or IF she returns, some Little obama appointed liberal left wing “JUDGE” will let her off scott free, so she can go and do it again !!!! Maybe WE should think about just SHOOTING THEM when they assault US !!!! It’s hard to release a LIBERAL CORPSE back into society !!!!

  8. Sadly, we are apparently going to need to have armed private guards or volunteer armed guards to protect conservative speakers. Since the police will not do anything to protect the Constitutional rights of speakers in these communist-run cities and states, we will have to protect them ourselves. If the communists can’t intimidate opposition speakers thru their brutality, then they won’t hesitate to begin killing them.

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