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Rep. Bennie G. Thompson May Be Behind TSA Adding Americans to Terror Watchlist

Kyle Seraphin, a former FBI agent assigned to the Washington Field Office, has raised concerns about the expansion of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) surveillance activities following the January 6th attack on the United States Capitol.

In an article published on UncoverDC, he highlights a letter written by then-Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS), to TSA Administrator David Pekoske.

Dated January 11th, 2021, Thompson’s letter referred to this incident as an “insurrection” aimed at “preventing the certification of a democratic election and, apparently, inflicting violence upon elected officials” and expressed his dismay that federal agencies had not been prepared despite there being “evidence that the attack was planned largely in open internet forums.”

The letter outlines ongoing threats and the lack of arrests or restrictions on the movement of many implicated, raising worries about potential future violence, including at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

It demands prompt briefings on measures to impede potentially dangerous travel, deny air service to those identified as a risk, safeguard transportation, and secure members of Congress and the public.

The letter further inquires into TSA’s attempts to identify and add those responsible for the January 6th protest to watchlists, as well as their plans for protecting surface transportation and ensuring the safety of Members of Congress, flight crewmembers, and the public from domestic terror groups while traveling.

Below is part of the letter from Thompson to Pekoske:

Please provide a briefing not later than the end of this week on the following topics:

  • Current efforts to disrupt the travel of white supremacist and other domestic terrorist groups who may be planning further attacks against the U.S. Government and may be targeting the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden;
  • Options available for quickly denying air carrier service to individuals identified as posing a potential threat, including TSA’s authorities to prevent individuals from flying on a temporary or flight-by-flight basis;
  • The current status of efforts to identify and add to watchlists the perpetrators of Wednesday’s attack and the standards being used to determine their vetting status for future travel;
  • Plans to protect surface transportation from potential threats; and
  • Efforts to protect Members of Congress, flight crewmembers, and the public from domestic terror groups and sympathizers while traveling.
You can read the full letter here.

Seraphin’s article focuses on the TSA’s Quiet Skies program, which utilizes air marshals to monitor suspicious travelers and identify potential terrorist threats. Initially directed at international passengers for enhanced screening, whistleblower Sonya LaBosco, Director of the Air Marshal National Council, exposed abuses of this program leading to intrusive screenings and a “Secondary Security Screening Selection” (SSSS) designation on boarding passes for individuals engaged in First Amendment activities or present in certain areas.

LaBosco suggested that a shift had occurred post-January 2021 in the Federal Air Marshal Service from focusing on international counterterrorism to surveilling domestic travelers who were not listed on any other federal watch list.

This shift is believed to be linked to Congressman Thompson’s request to disrupt services based on political affiliations.

Reports indicate that air marshals have been reassigned since Biden’s regime began, either stationed at the border or tracking individuals related to January 6th events regardless of their involvement with criminal activity as per an order from DHS Secretary Mayorkas and TSA Administrator David Pekoske.

“Our primary mission is a little group called Quiet Skies. It’s a mission called Quiet Skies that we’re following people that flew into the National Capitol region in January 2021. You did not have to go to the Capitol or the rally, and you’d been put on a specific list that TSA now has assigned Air Marshals to follow these people who have not had any type of criminal investigation. They haven’t committed a crime, but yet, three years later, we’re following the same individuals day in and day out,” LaBosco said.

“They didn’t even have to be at the Capitol. They could have just flown into the National Capitol region. So if anybody was there for a job interview to visit family, we even had a gentleman that was there for a funeral. They put on this domestic terrorist list just because of their geographic location to Washington, DC. So, these people did not even commit a crime. They weren’t even at the Capitol,” she added.

According to Seraphin, “What Americans should know after reading this letter is that the Democrat narrative regarding what they would set out to show in their highly curated, nominally bipartisan Committee on January 6th was already sent out as marching orders to one of the federal government’s most inefficient and theatrical entities: the TSA.”

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