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Rep. Jim Banks Bluntly Asks During CCP Hearing, ‘Did China Create COVID as a Bioweapon?’

Rep. Jim Banks went straight for the throat at the House Select Committee’s hearing about Communist China and asked if the totalitarian regime created COVID-19 as a bioweapon.

He also cited a recent statement from FBI Director Christopher Wray, in which he indicated that the virus did in fact come from a Wuhan lab.

“The FBI has for quite some time now assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan,” Wray said on Fox News. “Here you are talking about a potential leak from a Chinese government-controlled lab.”

“I will just make the observation that the Chinese government, it seems to me, has been doing its best to try to thwart and obfuscate the work here, the work that we’re doing, the work that our U.S. government and close foreign partners are doing. And that’s unfortunate for everybody,” he added.

Banks asked former deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger if the virus was a bioweapon created by China, and not just a simple lab leak.

“Mr. Pottinger, less than an hour ago, the FBI Director, Christopher Wray, confirmed that COVID-19 originated in a Wuhan lab. Do you think there is a chance that the Wuhan lab was involved in bioweapons research?” he asked.

Pottinger then explained that they do have intelligence showing the Chinese government and Chinese military experimented with coronavirus, however, he did not admit that it was a bioweapon.

“We know for certain that the Chinese military is involved in research in coronavirus,” he said. “We know that they were experimenting using U.S. technology to work on chimeric viruses. That is ones that had been engineered.”

“We know that the Chinese government and military had been involved in trying to develop vaccines for coronaviruses. I think that this is an area that there is still a great deal of information that has yet to come out that will show that there was an enormous amount of interest,” Pottinger added.




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  1. Everything the CCP does is always involved with some aggressive military applications. Of course bio research always includes an aspect of weaponization considerations.

  2. All you need to confirm today’s news is look at what the Chicoms (and their trusty allies, the dems) labeled as conspiracy theories a few years ago. Now, these theories are what is accepted as true. One is the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) origin is the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), for which you were labeled a nut and extreme conspiracist. Now- TRUE. Then: A lot said that the vaccine is not safe, nor effective, including its developer, Dr. Malone. Today: it’s not a vaccine in the traditional sense; there are untold numbers of side effects, and it doesn’t prevent virus transmission. Then: Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation. NOT, it’s been authenticated. On and on. Dems play the ultimate political games and their own advanced disinformation campaigns. Don’t fall for it.

  3. i would say partly, the u.s. fausi creep had the most part, with dark money from george soros. and of course the blessing from obama and the democraps.

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