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Rep Nancy Mace Says Comer Will Release Evidence of Biden’s Bribery as Soon as They Get It

You must feel so isolated if you are a House Democrat. They have always depended on having the majority that would allow them to cover up any scandal within their party.

Now, with the whistleblower coming forward about an FBI document detailing Joe Biden taking a bribe in exchange for policy revisions, they must really long to be in charge. Rep Nancy Mace says that Rep James Comer will take no time in making that document public.

If the story is true and Christopher didn’t accidentally destroy the document in his shredder, this will be definite grounds for impeachment.

I don’t even think the Democrats in the Senate could save him, but I would not bet on it. Democrats are shameless and many of them will vote to save Biden even though he committed treason. It’s not like committing treason is a big detriment to any Democratic officeholder.

Mace told “Fox News Tonight” host Lawrence Jones:

“I would say that I believe this is the smoking gun, and what did Joe Biden know and when did he know it? And we want the American people to see what he knew and does he even remember any of this that happened? Because I think a lot of Americans feel Republicans are held to one standard and Democrats are held to another. “

“Everyone in this country regardless of your politics should be held to the same standard and so that’s the purpose of this investigation, to get to the bottom of it and follow the facts where they lead us.”

“I’ve seen the suspicious activity reports. I’ve read about the prostitution rings. I’ve seen the millions of dollars in shell companies coming and going from our adversaries to nine members of the Biden family. It needs to be investigated.”

From The Daily Caller

Republican Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa and Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, wrote to the FBI Wednesday, demanding the agency produce a document detailing what a whistleblower said were details of an alleged criminal scheme involving a foreign national and then-Vice President Biden.

Comer said in an April 17 statement released by the House Oversight Committee that investigators identified six more members of the Biden family involved in what he called “shady” transactions reportedly tied to Hunter Biden.

“The FBI can run, but they cannot hide, so when we get this document in our hands and show it to the people in the oversight committee in our investigation and show that connection, which is what this document will do, will show the connection between the president and the Biden family and his son and the money that was being moved around by these different shell companies,” Mace said.

The New York Times reported on investigations by the Department of Justice into Hunter Biden for alleged violations of tax and gun laws in March 2022. The report cited data from a laptop abandoned at a Delaware computer repair ship that was the subject of an Oct. 14, 2020 report by the New York Post.

Mace said that Comer was eager to share results of his investigation with the American people.

“I can tell you Jamie Comer won’t wait long,” Mace said. “He’s going to want to have this investigation, he’s going to want to share it with the American people.”






5 Responses

  1. Please, Mr. Comer and GOP, release all the evidence ASAP of Joe and family selling out America, colluding with a foreign national and committing all sorts of traitorous crimes. I’m so tired of dem shills defending these crooks by writing that there is no evidence, but only innuendos by Republicans when making wild accusations is all dems, especially Adam Schiff, did about Pres. Trump.

  2. democRat crooks are untouchable. The govt is saturated with corrupt leftist scum, including the doj, fbi and intel agencies.

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