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Report: Jack Smith Weighing Another Documents Case Against Trump

The Washington Examiner reported this past Thursday that Judge Aileen Cannon canceled a hearing requested by Special Counsel Jack Smith to discuss a protective order for classified evidence in former President Trump’s documents case.

This is seen as a major setback for Smith, with some suggesting that he may have abandoned any notion of the rule of law.

The D.C. grand jury’s investigation into Trump’s documents is ongoing, leaving many concerned about what could come out in the end.

“Mr. Smith has already demonstrated a proclivity for a stepwise approach to indicting,” and that he may seek “an escape hatch” from Cannon by bringing yet another case in the nation’s capital.

Evidence for that can be seen in the existence of a separate grand jury in Washington, D.C.  which has been investigating Trump’s handling of classified documents.

This is despite the fact that charges against Trump were brought in the Southern District of Florida, something which bothered Cannon.

Earlier this month, the district judge overseeing the case called on both parties to submit briefs outlining the legality of utilizing a grand jury from outside of the district in order to continue to investigate and pursue post-indictment hearings related to the indicted matter.

Her proposed move could provide a more favorable jury pool for both sides.

Hoffman highlighted the fact that criminal prosecutions are held in jurisdictions where the offense was allegedly committed. Therefore, Smith must make a case that not only did the documents have an improper tenure at Mar-a-Lago but also were improperly removed from the White House.

If he is successful in bringing another case in D.C., then Smith would be rewarded with a jury pool “drawn from a Democratic stronghold rather than a conservative redoubt.”

This means he would also have the benefit of having the case heard by Judge Tanya Chutkan, someone whom Republicans have accused of being politically biased.

Legal scholar Jonathon Turley of George Washington University Law School has strongly criticized Attorney General Merrick Smith for his attempt to criminalize constitutionally protected speech.

Turley, who is already presiding over a case Smith is bringing against former President Trump in Washington D.C. regarding his actions following the 2020 election, expressed his concerns on Fox News earlier this month.

He argued that Smith’s actions are undermining the protection provided by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

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8 Responses

    1. Yes, and his corrupt self will not be here long. Our Constitution Law says he has to be eliminated.

  1. In rushing this case may make errors in OUR favor ??
    Witnesses intimidated
    witness arrive late
    clerical errors
    miscommunication etc

  2. everyone of these “classes” are thrown against a wall to see what will stick. when you add ingredients, some stick well without merit. like the ga. prosecutor who is clearly floundering in a sea misinformation and hopes. willis needs to be held on charges herself. how did someone who apparently. has so little idea of the laws of this land get to be where she is now? we know the answers to that. when the dust has settled, I hope my president, Donald Trump, recoups all he has spent and then some from these democratic zealots. everyone who wants America back and is voting for Trump would send in at least 10 dollars each, think of the war chest he will have to defeat the dishonest ones. who is willing to do this??? lets prove once and for all that freedom still rings for all in America who are grossly accused of just breathing air.

  3. So when is Jack Smith going to charge Biden, who removed documents while just a VP and kept them in his garage? Seems there is a bigger case against senile old Joe than Trump. Let’s see equal justice served here and send old Joe down too.

  4. I wonder if the courts will allowe the fitness of the FBI,NSA,CIA,IRS,DOJ! to be called into question before the jury as they have all been caught breaking the law to hide Democratic crimes! I wonder why they are held to the law? What happened to NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW???????

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