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Reporters Laugh at Joe Biden During Presser in Vietnam After He Says He Is Going to Bed

Joe Biden recently journeyed to Hanoi, Vietnam to meet with the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Nguyễn Phú Trọng. After his stay in New Dehli, India, he arrived in Vietnam.

The grueling schedule is just too much for old Joe, as he made sure that everyone was aware that he needed a nap.

Joe held a press conference after delivering his remarks, during which he opened with a joke referencing a Vietnam War movie.

He was briefly distracted and walked out of the camera frame at one point. He then called on pre-approved reporters, noting that “they gave me five people here!”

After responding to some initial questions, Joe Biden indicated that he was fatigued and needed to retire for the evening.

He mentioned that his medication had worn off.


More footage of reporters laughing at Sleepy Joe:


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  1. It is a shame “China Joe” and the rest of the congress looks like an ad for a nursing home and just look at the delivery trucks backed up at congress..pull ups…pampers.. milk and ice cream trucks..Prevagen….no wonder they want your guns so bad..some one does need to put them out of their misery least the ones still awake

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