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RINO Christie: ‘Trump Will Likely Be Indicted Before Summer Debates Begin’

On Wednesday, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” and boldly predicted that former President Donald Trump will be indicted before the Republican presidential primary debates begin this summer.

Host Hugh Hewitt asked, “All right, now given that all that you know about the President’s legal peril from the perspective of being a prosecutor for so many years, knowing the President, following not from the inside of his legal team, but from the outside and knowing all the players, do you expect he will be indicted before the debates begin in July and August, for, by either the Georgia Fulton County prosecutor, by Jack Smith, by the New York District Attorney? Do you expect an indictment of the former President?”

Christie replied, “I think the most likely place it will happen is New York. And I think it’s the least harmful matter to him. If in fact all they’re looking at is the Stormy Daniels payments, I think that Letitia James has made it clear that she’s a political prosecutor, and that what she wants to do, and that she promised during the campaign, that she was going to go get Donald Trump. And I think she probably will. But I don’t think that would do much harm to him. So I think in terms of the likelihood of indictment, I’d put New York first, the Special Counsel second, Georgia third. But in terms of the seriousness of the peril for the President, I’d put the Special Counsel above either of those.”

Hewitt pressed, “Now I, so in brief, do you expect an indictment by July?”

RINO Christie smugly responded, “I expect that New York probably would act. I don’t know whether the Special Counsel will act by that time, but my guess is that New York would act by that time.”

Hewitt asked, “Can someone run for office and do debates and give interviews when they’re under indictment and not make their situation worse?”

Christie asserted, “No, I think it’s impossible for them not to make the situation worse, although what I would say to you, Hugh, is that given the limited nature of the New York case, I don’t know that he’s going to be getting a whole lot of questions about the Stormy Daniels situation anyway. I think it seems to me a pretty cut and dry situation. And I don’t know that he’d make his situation markedly worse. But every time you open your mouth, as you know in this kind of situation, you run the real risk of it adding complications to a case where you could lose your liberty. And that’s why defense lawyers always rightfully tell their clients to keep quiet, because you don’t need to make that situation more complicated, because your liberty is at stake.”






17 Responses

  1. maybe, but not before him and the other backstabbers and commies are, or executed by the people who are totally fed up with them.

  2. I guess that everyone who doesn’t kiss Trumps butt is a RINO. The man is a joke! No class what so ever. Wake up GOP, he won’t be elected no matter who the dems nominate. What he will do if not nominated is split the republicans and guarantee the dems win, He doesn’t care about the party, only himself.

  3. Christie acts like just any other turncoat RINO who moves whichever way the current, commie wind is blowing, simply to save his own worthless butt. From what I see, there are only about four or five true, America loving patriots left in D.C., who support America and our rightfully elected President Trump anymore.

  4. Biden will get indicted before Donald Trump, and forget about that lady who wants to indict Trump in New York, she will never be able to to so.

  5. Christy is a phony RINO clown from New Jersey that only THEY listen to. I also wonder which mob he adheres to.

  6. Given the FACT that President Trump did nothing ILLEGAL that Bimbo in New York is only after President Trumo to keep him from getting back in Office. The same goes for South Carolina.President Trump broke no Laws so Indictments will be WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER like that which overflows all Democraps otherwise empty skulls. Even those trying to hurt President Trump admit he has done NOTHING ILLEGAL.

  7. Overgrown , worthless , donut eating , asswipe Christie , is nothing but a degenerate RINO !!!! Christie is just mad because in 2016 he was one of the first ones booted from the Republican debates because NOBODY supported him . You know RINO Christie is worthless when he started doing interviews on FAKE and TRASHY cnn and msnbc.

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