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RINO Kinzinger: ‘Really Dangerous’ for GOP to Go After Hunter Biden with ‘Stolen’ Laptop Info

Former congressman turned CNN political commentator appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” and declared that it would be “dangerous” for the GOP to go after Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, with “stolen” information from his laptop.

Host Anderson Cooper said, “He has acknowledged that is his laptop, which he hadn’t done before. Your former Republican colleagues in the House expressed a lot of interest in holding hearings into Hunter Biden’s life and career. The information, whether it was legal or not to obtain it, it is out there from now from that laptop. Do you expect these legal moves in any way to give them pause or change the situation, the actual investigations?”

Kinzinger replied, “Quite honestly, I don’t think it will move the needle one way or the another. I don’t think anybody is going to vote Republican that didn’t or wouldn’t have because of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Hunter Biden is not the president of the United States. He is not a U.S. Senator or Congressman. He is a private citizen. What he did is the jurisdiction of the FBI.”

He added, “There is no difference in having stolen the data — I mean, a computer shop owner who Hunter Biden gave a laptop to fix, who stole his data, which to me has been incredible from the very beginning that has not been the bigger story. This is the equivalent of hacking into somebody. And to celebrate this and say there’s no problem, I’ve never understood it, and I think it’s a really dangerous path for the GOP to go down.”

He forgot to mention that Biden never went back for the laptop! Therefore the laptop became property of the store owner. Nothing was stolen.

In fact, store owner Mac Isaac just hit Biden with a defamation lawsuit for claiming that he “stole” it.

As New York Post reports:

Mac Isaac’s lawsuit alleges that Hunter left the store owner to twist in the wind for years while variously and falsely insisting that the laptop was not his, that it had been stolen or that his information had been hacked.

Della Rocca insists that Mac Isaac became the legal owner of the laptop after Hunter Biden dropped it off to be repaired in April 2019 — but failed to return to reclaim it despite attempts by Mac Isaac to contact him.

Kinzinger has always been a little RINO rat. It’s incredibly fitting for him to be on the Fake News Network’s payroll.




7 Responses

  1. I’m from Illinois and the people of Illinois that have any intelligence have questioned Kinzingers ability to make intelligent decisions from the start.

  2. Excuse me, Hunter didn’t come back to pay for the repairs he ordered on His lap top, The Law allows the Repairman after a certain amount of time to take possession of that laptop for disposal to recoup the cost of repaires as abandoned property.

    A mechanic’s lien is a security interest in the title to property for the benefit of those who have supplied labor or materials that improve the property. The lien exists for both real property and personal property. In the realm of real property, it is called by various names, including, generically, construction lien. The term “lien” comes from a French root, with a meaning similar to link, which is itself ultimately descended from the Latin ligamen, meaning “bond” and ligare, meaning “to bind”. Mechanic’s liens on property in the United States date from the 18th century.

    Kinzinger has always been a little RINO rat, Who should have read the law and Constitution and never been elected to an office that requires actual mental acuity to function. Yes the law that has been in place since the 1700 reds even before we became a nation under our Constitution under British Law.

  3. usually amything left after 90 days anywhere, is considered abandoned and can be sold to get money back spent on fixing item. the owner of shop has owership of computer, and bidens are screwed. i do repairs to them too, and that is standard policy. by the way, PRINT THIS IF YOU AREN’T A COMMIE.

  4. We all think Kinzinger is an RINO idiot anyway and don’t pay attention to him or any other RINO. Patriots are straight in their thinking!

  5. I’m not from Illinois but Kinzingler looks like something someone Chewed Up and took a Dump to get rid of It. He always talks like his got something in his Mouth that doesn’t belong to him. Besides he does look spot like Lizzy Cheney s
    Rear Quarters.

  6. Butt plug using , worthless , asswipe , liberal jism swallower , knee pad wearing , crying , back stabbing Adam Kinzinger will always be known as nothing but a Worthless , Rino degenerate of the Republican Party !!!! Everybody knew dickwad , liberal knee pad wearing Kinzinger would end up at FAKE and TRASHY cnn .

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