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Rob Reiner Defends Joe Biden as a ‘Decent Law Abiding Person’

Despite the multiple reports of President Joe Biden stealing and mishandling classified documents from when he was vice president, Hollywood celebrity Rob Reiner is still going to bat for him.

On Sunday, Reiner declared in a tweet that Biden is a “decent law abiding person,” and compared him to former President Donald Trump whom he referred to as a “pathologically lying criminal.”

He wrote, “The difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is: Joe Biden is a decent law abiding persona, and Donald Trump is a pathologically lying criminal.”

The ironic part of his claim is that Trump has been charged and tried many times due to false accusations, and has been found innocent every time.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided last year after someone claimed that he removed classified documents when he left the White House. Of course they did not find what they were looking for. Yet, as classified documents have been found in Biden’s old office at the Penn Biden Center, in Biden’s garage, and in Biden’s Delaware home – documents from when he was Vice President – there has not been a single raid on any of his offices or properties. Why the double standard?

Trump had full authority to declassify documents and take them with him. However, Biden as vice president did not. Therefore the documents Biden took were stolen in addition to being mishandled.

So how Reiner could describe Biden as being a “law-abiding citizen” in this whole fiasco is beyond me. He truly hates Trump so much that he would be willing to look like an absolute idiot to all his followers in order to defend Biden rather than just accept the truth.

As activist Jack Lombardi II put it, “There is no amount of propaganda you can spew on Twitter that convinces Americans that Joe Biden is an honest person. As of now, you’re quite literally the poster boy for cognitive dissonance. Seriously, put the bottle down, you’re drunk.”




16 Responses

  1. Implying that Reiner is drunk to sound so stupid is just like Reiner saying Biden is honest. A mother hen protecting her chicks. And actually my implying he is stupid isn’t much better. He is either insane or a criminal suck up.

  2. Just shows what a tragic judge of human characteristics Rob Reiner is. He truly is a meatball!

  3. All communist racist fascist and satanic democrat CRIMINALS stick together like super glue……..until the hangmans’ rope is staring them in the face!! These low-life creatures never tell the truth, probably because they don’t want Hillary’s hit squad after them!!!

  4. Some people are just too stubborn to admit when they are wrong. I guess they have that right. But when most everyone else sees the truth and they still won’t admit they were wrong, it not only makes them look stubborn, but it makes them look stupid too. And that is what Rob Reiner looks like now!

  5. Rob Reiner was called meathead by Archie Bunker. He hit it right on the head with that nickname !

  6. I couldn’t think of anything good I wanted to say about meathead so I decided to let his actions and comments do the talking for me, enough said, wouldn’t you say, meathead?

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