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Rupert Murdoch and Son Lachlan Secretly Met With Ukrainian Dictator Volodymyr Zelenskyy Before Ousting Tucker Carlson

Rupert Murdoch and his leftist son Lachlan met with Ukranian dictator Zelenskyy just before firing Tucker Carlson. Zelensky has been angry with Carlson’s take on the war between Ukraine and Russia and no doubt he conveyed that to the Murdochs.

I am not claiming that is the reason why Carlson was fired, but it could be one of several reasons and I am just pointing out the timing of the meeting and the firing.

Carlson objected to the cost of the war and the lack of accountability to the nearly $100 billion in taxpayer dollars that made it into what some have called a corrupt regime.

Both are reasonable positions to hold and both are covered by the First Amendment. Carlson had been criticized by some of Zelenskyy’s top officials.

According to the Washington Post, it is not known what effect the meeting with Zelenskyy had on the firing of Tucker, but it is well known that the Murdochs were not happy with his stance on the Ukrainian war.

Moreover, support for the Zelenskyy is a major litmus test for the Murdoch family.

From The Gateway Pundit

Did Tucker Carlson’s outspoken criticism over Joe Biden’s Ukraine policy and opposition to foreign aid to the country play a role in his ouster from Fox News?

On Monday, Semafor reported that Fox News Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch held a previously unreported call with Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelenskyy earlier this spring. The two men discussed the war and the anniversary of the deaths of Fox News journalists last March.

Zelenskyy also had a conversation with Lachlan Murdoch on the same subject. Semafor notes  Zelenskyy mentioned this as an aside during a national broadcast last month.

These talks came weeks before the Murdochs pulled Tucker off the air, though he still remains under contract.

Opposition to America’s role in Ukraine is also a huge issue for Tucker. The Gateway Pundit reported in March that Tucker sent a questionnaire on the subject to every announced and potential GOP presidential candidate.

President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis aligned themselves with Tucker’s position while others like Mike Pence reiterated the Uniparty line.

Globalist politicians such as Mitt Romney (RINO-UT) openly celebrated Tucker’s downfall.

From Fox News

It’s been a great system in most ways, but for many reasons, including the passage of time, that system is dying. What comes next is not entirely clear, but how to influence it to America’s greatest possible advantage is the most important task that faces any U.S. government. Nothing else comes close to that. 

Sadly, the Biden administration, geriatric and irrational in its best moments, is not up to that task. No one in the White House even seems aware that the architecture of the world is changing. They call themselves progressives, but the Biden people think it’s 1961 when American power seemed unlimited. Just today, our elderly Treasury secretary scolded the Chinese government like a tardy servant. Shape up, China. We’ll send you back to the cellar. Watch this.  

JANET YELLEN: We have made clear that providing material support to Russia or assistance with any type of systemic sanctions evasion would be a very serious concern to us, and we will certainly continue to make clear to the Chinese government and to companies and banks in their jurisdiction about what the rules are regarding our sanctions and the serious consequences they would face for violating them.  





4 Responses

  1. Is that 1 reason why he was fired?
    any others.
    Then I read where hes still Hired But has NO show

  2. I wish I could join the boycott against FOX news…..however, I NEVER watch it and don’t plan on doing so any time soon.

  3. You have one communist country fighting the other. So guess Biden decided Russia’s communism is the worse of the two. To me communism is communism. Russia probably told Hunter they wouldn’t give millions of kickbacks so that made them the bad guys. Every time the U. S. gets involved in foreign problems we make things worse every time or there is no conclusion to the problem.

  4. “Rupert Murdoch and his leftist son Lachlan met with Ukranian dictator Zelenskyy just before firing Tucker Carlson.”

    Sorry Steve… Zelensky is no dictator nor is he in any way an authoritarian. He is doing no different than what Roosevelt and Truman did during WW II, as well as what Lincoln imposed during the civil war. And don’t forget the Sedition Act of 1918 curtailed free speech rights in the US. An act that amended the Espionage Act of 1917 during WW I. Restrictions by the Zelensky administration included implementing Martial Law protocols in order to protect Ukraine from pro-separatist insurgents and sympathizers that would pose a threat to Ukraine security and governance. Also protocols to mitigate disruption by opposition agitators, militant sabotage, anti-Keiv propagandists, foreign spying & surveillance, Kremlin/separatist moles, and the detainment of anyone deemed threatening or any suspicious activity that would compromise the war effort and AFU military plans.

    President Roosevelt’s executive border #9066 issued on February 19, 1942… Authorized the removal of all person’s deemed a threat to nation security from the west coast and forced into “relocation centers” which incarcerated Japanese Americans!

    Ukraine is in a state of war which requires protecting national security interests as well as keeping the peace and watch over groups and their movements that were suspicious and believed to be threats to national security and governance. This includes using curfews, suspension/retraction of certain civil liberties, venue access and gatherings.

    What would you do, Steve? Whistle Dixie and pretend that everyone within the civilian, government and military ranks are saints?

    You’re not very bright are you Steve. What Zelensky has done was to defend Ukraine and it’s ability to successfully negotiate fighting the Russian invaders.

    But your so blinded by propaganda, hate and bias… You’ve become a propagandist and tool for the Kremlin, pro-separatist pro-Putin lying journalists and pro-separatist Zelensky hating Putin loyalist government officials in the Kiev parliament… that you’ve completely abandoned any objectivity and critical thought.

    You’re no different than the leftist useful idiots here in the US as well as the brainwashed Republicans that bought into the whole Ukraine-Nazi narrative spread by Tass, RT, the Kremlin and the separatists.

    Do some investigating Steve because you are clueless.

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