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Satellite Video Shows Intact Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza after Rocket Hits Parking Lot, Not Hospital

The Biden Administration’s claims that America’s southern border is closed have proven to be highly misleading, despite policies which have allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter the country.

Persecuted Christians are one particular group that has been severely affected by such policy decisions.

According to Decision Magazine, since Joe Biden took office, resettlement of those fleeing religious persecution has decreased by 70% compared to the numbers seen in 2016.

This image by XRVision shows the hospital still standing – with solar panels still intact following the missile strike.

Here’s a closeup of the hospital from this morning.

As reported earlier – There was a barrage of missiles fired by the Islamic Jihad in the area at around the same time.

Israeli satellite imagery taken on Wednesday morning following the explosion revealed that the Al-Ahli hospital was still intact.

However, the parking lot had been targeted by a rocket fired by Islamic Jihad, which they then attempted to falsely attribute to Israel.

Here is an image from the video.

A view from non-public Israeli video of the intact Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza following rocket strike in parking lot.

Here is a video of the hospital intact after the blast overnight.

Gaza hospital intact following rocket strike via Israeli satellite video – xrvision

And here is a Google Map of the hospital in 2022 with the same broken solar panels on the roof.

Satellite imagery of Gaza hospital parking lot from 2022. The image shows the same broken solar panels on roof as in Oct. 2023 after rocket blast in the parking lot.ICYMI: Hamas Releases Statement, Claims Foreign Hostages Were Taken “By Accident”




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  1. AAAAHHHhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha, media are a bunch of putzes.

  2. It’s called Pallywood, Google it!
    Years ago, “Palestinians” started faking attacks, wounds, and deaths of their members, even video-tapping phony ‘battles’ for the consumption of the Western Media. Now the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt is staging hoaxes too.
    How do you co-exist with a species of animal whose singular purpose is to achieve domination over the entire world by any means necessary & with no compulsion in hesitating to execute the worst forms of violence & bloodshed to achieve that goal? You don’t. The Moslem Brotherhood (and all the other Jihadist groups), isn’t just a terrorist organization, as experts have said, it’s literally the progenitor of virtually every offshoot radical Islamic group thought known to exist today. They’re not going away either & it is going to get worse before it gets better. Especially in this chronic vacuum of leadership, we suffered as a nation from Obama’s term.
    Then they shoot at us FROM schools, hospitals, and mosques.
    Jihad of the sword “calls for waging war against the enemies of Islam”

    1. This is true and I add some further clarity I hope!
      It’s a cancer that needs to be eradicated!

      In 632 AD that cancer had a false prophet and satanic monster they followed and to this day their teachings and behaviors are in alignment with what he declared!

      “The Prophet is “said to have realized that Christian teachings are indeed incompatible with Islam,” after which the revelation followed that “only Islam is acceptable to God as a religion.” The Quran also says very specifically that those who refer to Jesus as God are blasphemers.”(Oxford University Press)

      Islam which sees itself as the one true religion to usher in the “Mahdi” (antichrist folks) their leader to rule the human race along with the 20th century’s newer growing “atheistic evil empire ideology of communism” derived from the “satanic Marxist ideology!” And so this fusing together with the equally evil Islamic Empire that was heralded into play back in 632 by the false prophet and equally satanic Mohammad, the movement is well underway to enslave the entire human race, “unless the ultimate surgical extraction” is made sooner rather than later!

      We can conclude that the only resolution to this is “all-out war” to “eradicate that cancer once and for all!” Until that happens there will be no peace and many more innocent decent human beings will die!

      Obviously the word “Satan” should be substituted wherever the Muslims say God or Allah!
      God would never say to lie or commit murder and that is what Jihad is, when some maniac evil devil blows himself up and kills innocent people or attacks them in any way for the Jihadist’s mission!
      How anyone can believe this crap about Islam and even just be a Muslim proves that there are too many mentally deranged and evil people on this planet!

      True, a viper killer snake or the devil cannot be tamed or civilized!

      1. Thanks much for sharing this knowledge. Great comment. Your talking points are spot on and must be spread when the anti-Israel rhetoric is in full swing in the comment sections of every article about this issue. In Israel, the palestinians will always be at war with the Israelis. It’s a war between savages and civilization, as your comment so eloquently described. After they took over the Temple Mount, they put up a sign, something like “Jesus is not God” Now they’ll never get those 72 virgins – lol

        1. Marlene; so beautifully stated and from your heart which I do appreciate!
          God bless you and yours.

      2. Thanks for a very relevant exposition about Islam, its founder, and its “god”.

        We are indeed in a war with the forces of evil, those being Islam, Marxism, and humanism. We must remember that only when Christ comes will they be defeated. However, in the meantime, we’re told to stand and wear the armor of God.

        1. Recce; absolutely to all you stated here!

          2 Timothy 1:5-7 “I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am convinced is in you as well. 6For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. 7For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control.”

          God bless you and yours.

    2. Well said, KawikaFiveSix! And true. The mission of these savages is to destroy civilized people. Muhammad told and trained them to. The media is the mouthpiece, owned by the government which is owned by the global elite cabal – the Deep State of America and most of the world.

      1. Marlene; you are spot-on! I did work in TV news once and left it years ago as I saw the writing on the wall! I had to take another track as to be a part of the massive lie machine would be unconscionable!

    3. As is often said, especially concerning this feckless, inept, incompetent, corrupt version of America’s government, “You Just Can’t Fix STUPID!” What part of pumping cash into GAZA, at any time but especially now, makes any ‘common sense?’

      Call me an ‘Islamophobe’ because I do believe: “Islam is a caustic blend of paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone ‘prophet, who made no prophecies, conceived his religion to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist.”

    1. Grizz Mann; you are saying it as told in the book of Truth!

      Isaiah 5:19-21 “to those who say, “Let Him hurry and hasten His work so that we may see it! Let the plan of the Holy One of Israel come so that we may know it!” 20Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness to light and light to darkness, who replace bitter with sweet and sweet with bitter. 21Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.”

      They spin lies into half-truths or fantasy to only deceive the unwary!
      God bless you and yours.

  3. “….claims that America’s southern border is closed have proven to be highly misleading,” “Highly misleading?” What part of that claim is arguably the GOAT bald faced LIE is hard to understand? Over 7 MILLION illegal aliens have joined the other 30 MILLION illegals already here overloading this country! Without massive DEPORTATIONS, America will never be the same.

    1. Firewagon Correct! Part of the plan to fundamentally transform America into a hell-hole, which Bathhouse Barry ranted about!!!
      People better pray and wake up fast because they want this country of ours to fall like Venezuela did!

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