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‘Scarlet Letter’ Mom Sues School Over Alleged Volunteer Ban for OnlyFans Job

A Florida mother claims that the Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) has banned her from volunteering at her child’s school because she is an OnlyFans “model,” and is therefore suing the system.

Victoria Triece used to volunteer at Sand Lake Elementary School regularly, but last year she was banned from doing so. She claims that it was because she shares sexually explicit content on a subscription website known as OnlyFans.

She claims she only created an account on the site because she wanted to be able to stay home with her children as much as possible, which she couldn’t do with a regular job.

“I always wanted to be involved in that aspect of life,” the thirty-one-year-old said last year when speaking out about being banned from volunteering. “My mother did it for me and having her there was the best joy growing up.”

On Tuesday, Triece filed a lawsuit against OCPS after reportedly being told by the principal that she could not be on the school’s campus or around children.

“It’s kind of like the old days of having a scarlet letter on your head,” stated her lawyer, Mark NeJame.

“But yet, we have a morality police with the Orange County School Board and whatever administrators made this horrific decision,” he said, noting that what she does is not illegal.

While the mother finds herself on the moral high ground, not everyone agrees. Twitter users quickly responded to the news of her lawsuit, with their own opinions on the matter.

One user wrote, “It’s almost like schools are a place where moral standards need to be upheld for the sake of innocent children. Weird.”

Another defended the mother, “So live drag shows are ok but private only fans accounts are not?”

I initially thought of the drag shows as well. I do not condone the drag shows, which are being put on in front of children. I think that should absolutely be banned. I also do not condone OnlyFans. However, in this case, the mother is not sharing her explicit content and private life with her children. They are done on a subscription-based site. One that a child should not have access to.

With that being said, I can agree with the comments on both sides of the argument.

Would the school board also ban Kim Kardashian from volunteering at her children’s school since she made a sex tape at one point? It sure makes you wonder…

Triece’s lawsuit accuses the school board of invasion of privacy, and civil sexual cyber harassment, and also alleges that leaders sent her private images to staff members, employees, and the media without permission.

“I don’t want any parent at all to ever go through this. It’s not, to me, it’s just not fair at all,” she said, noting that she has passed the volunteer background checks and does not have a criminal record.

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  1. Sounds to me like the OCSB needs to find out who turned her in and ask them what they were doing on that sight, which is private. What is just for one should be just for all, as long as it is not contrary to any law or the Constitution.

  2. The biggest problem America has is a lack of morality!!!!! I am totally against drag shows being pushed on our children, and while this situation is objectionable it is not for public consumption!!!!! America MUST get back to biblical morality if it is to survive!!!!!!!!!

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