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Schumer Border Deal: Increase Green Cards by 50,000 Annually and Allow 150,000 Illegal Immigrants Monthly

Senator James Lankford (R-OK) has been actively negotiating the worst illegal alien deal in history and he is about to become the most ridiculed Senator on immigration of all time.

The bill that he is pushing gives all illegal aliens who are permitted into the United States an immediate issuing of work permits.

This allows them to compete with Americans for jobs. And since they are willing to work for less money, Americans will be disadvantaged when it comes to seeking a job.

According to FOX News, the deal that Lankford has been negotiating with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer includes several highly divisive elements:

  1. A substantial increase in green cards, adding 50,000 more per year.
  2. Provision of work permits to adult children of H-1B visa holders.
  3. Immediate issuance of work permits to every illegal alien released from custody.
  4. Government-funded legal representation for certain Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) and aliens deemed mentally incompetent.
  5. Allowing the entry of 5,000 immigrants per day into the U.S. or 150,000 per month.
  6. Restricting parole for individuals who enter the country illegally between designated ports of entry.

Lankford is pushing his Republican colleagues to get behind the worst negotiated bill in history. He is not up for reelection in 2028 and he may be planning to retire rather than run for reelection. If this bill passes, his name will be mud to conservatives coast to coast. We have to hope Republicans in the House kill this bill. This bill would allow 150,000 illegal aliens into the country every month or 1.8 million a year, every year till doomsday. All with work permits and some with green cards.

Gaetz wrote:

“The Senate Amnesty Bill is a nightmare. It gives legal status to illegal aliens who have gamed our system and broken our laws. It rolls out the red carpet for 5,000 illegals EVERY DAY, forever. It’s hard enough to stop the far-left’s state-sponsored invasion of our Southern Border, and it’s even harder when you’re pulling Senator Langford’s daggers out of your back. I oppose the Senate Amnesty Deal and will work to see its defeat.” 

From The Gateway Pundit

These proposals, particularly the increase in green cards and the daily allowance of thousands of illegal immigrants are seen by many as a stark departure from traditional Republican stances on border security and immigration control.

Critics argue that such measures could burden public resources and potentially compromise national security.

Furthermore, the inclusion of taxpayer-funded legal aid for certain groups of aliens is a contentious use of public funds, sparking debates over the prioritization of resources.

The backlash from conservative circles and the wider Republican community signals a tough road ahead for Senator Lankford.

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) expressed strong opposition to the Senate Amnesty Bill on his social media account, describing it as a “nightmare.”

Similarly, Representative Dan Bishop (R-NC) voiced his disbelief and concern on social media.

“How could this even be imagined?! 5,000 a day is 150,000/mo. The unprecedented threshold breached in January 2021 after the post-election ramp-up. Lankford proposes to institutionalize the crisis-level flow? As a “border security” proposal?”

In a related development, Jackson Lahmeyer, the founder of Pastors4Trump, has initiated a petition aimed at recalling Senator Lankford. This move reflects a growing discontent among certain groups with Lankford’s stance and actions regarding the proposed immigration reforms.

“Join me in signing the RECALL JAMES LANKFORD petition:

Just so that you know, even if your state allows recalls they cannot recall a pre4sident, Senators, or members of the US House.






7 Responses

  1. If this bill ever passed lankford should hanged until dead and hunting season opened for all that voted for it as well as illegal alien’s.

  2. This is outrageous garbage. The Democrats want to legalize the destruction of America. They should all be tossed out of congress. Democrats have done nothing good for America for decades. How they avoid lynching is beyond me.

  3. IT will only get much, much worse as time goes by if the evil, Molock loving sex crazed Democrats and Deep State continues. Chuck Shumer should know better than open his big mouth and commit treason. I have been telling people for two years or so this would happen. New York already is telling their citizens to open their doors to house immigrants in their spare bedrooms. I predicted Fake Joke Biden would then tell us to leave, yes, leave our homes to put those sick & criminal immigrants in. Then I said next, that Mr. Joe big penis would tell the Americans and Citizens of the United States to get the Hell out of America. It’s starting to happen. So, people, do nothing as usual. Allow this to happen like you all have been doing. Lose everything you have. I am sick to death of the non-patriots in America, and I do not mean illegal immigrants. Trump damn well better be back soon or we are cooked. Done, done, done!

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