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Secretary of State Antony Blinken May Face Contempt of Congress Charge

Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, may soon be charged with contempt of Congress. Blinken’s office has ignored several subpoenas for information that the State Department is obligated to turn over.

This is becoming a regular thing in the Biden caliphate.

Obviously, they have a lot to hide. Rep. Mike McCaul (R-Tex.), the Chairman of the House Oversight, says that Blinken and the State Dept have missed several deadlines and that it is time to take enforcement actions if they miss the current deadline of May 11th.

If it is possible, they should order Blinken’s arrest and perp walk him through the US House building. Or better yet, how about a five AM raid on his home? This could discourage others within the Biden administration to conceal legal documents from investigators.

McCaul said in a Monday statement:

“The Department is now in violation of its legal obligation to produce these documents and must do so immediately. Should the Department fail to comply with its legal obligation, the Committee is prepared to take the necessary steps to enforce its subpoena, including holding you in contempt of Congress and/or initiating a civil enforcement proceeding.”

McCaul and other Republicans are requesting access to a dissent report issued by the embassy in Kabul just before Biden began his badly planned withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A dissent report is issued when an official sees a problem with the plans laid out in Washington. It outlines the reservations they have about the plan.

Blinken tried to pull a fast one and offered to give the committee a briefing on what the dissent said. That would have been pure insanity.

From PJ Media

Blinken’s State Department chose not to comply with the subpoena but instead proposed to provide a briefing on the documents’ contents to McCaul and his committee. McCaul originally agreed to the briefing but has since made it clear that it did not meet the requirements of complying with the subpoena, as McCaul and other Republican members of the committee maintained that they had unresolved inquiries that could only be resolved by examining the requested documents.

The State Department, for some reason, doesn’t seem to want to give the committee access to the documents.

“It’s unfortunate that despite having received a classified briefing on the dissent channel cable, as well as a written summary, that the House Foreign Affairs Committee continues to pursue this unnecessary and unproductive action,” said State Department principal deputy spokesman Vedant Patel. “Nevertheless, we will continue to respond to appropriate oversight inquiries and provide Congress the information it needs to do its job while protecting the ability of State Department employees to do theirs.”

This development is the latest scandal to affect Secretary of State Blinken. Last month it was revealed that Blinken orchestrated the letter from 51 former intelligence officials that falsely labeled Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation on behalf of the Biden presidential campaign, making him a key figure in the Biden campaign’s election interference scheme.




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  1. He knows the little corrupt puke Garland at DOJ will not bring any charges so he does what Eric Holder did, ignores the subpoenas.

  2. Blinken is above the law and he knows it…Just like me and my wife..we are all home free

  3. Raid their homes to check for the information! Arrest them and throw them in jail until they produce the information! Stop playing softball! Start playing hardball like they do! Get a set of balls!

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