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Sen. Tester Predicts ‘China Will Send More Balloons’ – ‘We Need a Defensive Plan’

On Thursday, Senate Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Defense Chairman Sen. Jon Tester appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” and predicted that China will send more balloons. He called for a plan to handle the next balloon so “it’s either disabled so it can’t collect anything or you take it out of the sky.”

Tester stands by President Joe Biden and the military on waiting to shoot down the Chinese espionage device last week, stating that they “had good reason for what they did. They explained it to us in a classified session and in an open session in the hearing that I held. And I accept that decision as a decision that was the right decision for them to make at the time.”

However, he argued, “I will tell you what concerns me, though, I chair the defense appropriations…we need to get together to find out what the plan is and make sure the budget meets the needs to make sure this never happens again.”

Host Jake Tapper then inquired, “And so, next time they send one over — because apparently…I guess there were three during the Trump administration and two [under] Biden — the next time it happens, there needs to be a plan to take it down as soon as possible?”

Tester replied, “I believe so, yes. I think there needs to be a plan to deal with it in such a way [where] it’s either disabled so it can’t collect anything or you take it out of the sky.”

The Senator added that China is “not going to stop” sending balloons into United States airspace. He does not believe it is a matter of “if” they send another one, but “when” they send another.


It is refreshing to see a Democrat standing up and saying “Hey, this isn’t okay! We need a plan to make sure it doesn’t happen again!”

Unfortunately, with Biden in China’s pocket, I am not so sure that future efforts to spy on the U.S. will be prevented.




3 Responses

  1. Yada,yada,yada. Tester pleads, “Give us more money.”

    Tester, you are a poor example of a U. S. Senator. Stop inflaming the surrogate Russian war and use the monies we give the DOD to protect our Southern border. The DOD need to account for previous funds that are missing from the ledger. Personally, I vote for a reduction of DOD funding to match the cost of military equipment and supplies left behind in Afghanistan and strike the delivery of tanks to Ukraine. If the Pentegon military and bureaucrats can’t defend our national sovereignty with the adjusted funding, the need to be terminated without benefits and replaced with competent personnel. Sen. Tester, you might also consider another form of employment more compatible with your intellectual level.

  2. The defense plan is simple, We either capture the balloons or destroy them, We hunt them down the moment they cross into US Air Defense Zone, They are either recovered or destroyed. No more games, Political of Otherwise, China is in violation of international accords.

  3. Just is hard to put all these pieces together…but the one puzzle making any sense is “has anybody noticed how the “Let’s-Go-Brandon” saga of purloined “Classified Documents’ (spread across several states and in “unsafe” locales)? Pooooft! Now, all We The People have is China, China, China. Hummmm! Wonder who coudda come up with such a clever scheme????? None other than the “I have a Pen and a Phne and I will use them!” Yep, the “Big Man” himself…former President Obama. Is this possible? Why, of course it is! See, The illegally purloined “Classified Documents’ had to dissappear from all MSM (asap). Mr. Obama is busy prepping his wife, Michelle Obama, for her 2024 debut as POTUS extraordinaire – under the Democratic mantle. That’s what all this “air ship,” “balloon,” and “drone” and UFO’s is going on and on and on is all about…to wipe from American’s memories “Let’s-Go-Brandon’s” purloining of highly Classified documents hidden in garages. Now does America understand? Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. Kitchen Militias to decimate phoney-baloney (really stupid) marxist ideology and indoctrination. God Bless.

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