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Senate Republicans Sound Off On Leaked Border Deal Proposals: Disses Them

The new proposed border deal is as fair as any election has been over the last six years and have been enabled by Republican RINOs in much the same way as well. Calling it a deal is disingenuous. A deal is where both sides get some of what they want but this legislation does nothing but make Biden’s open borders a matter of law. It allows 1.8 million illegal aliens to enter the country every year and would prevent Trump from stemming the tide.

Key provisions include:

  • Legally establish 5,000 illegal aliens entering the country per day as the new norm, requiring the crisis hit that number before the president could invoke Title 42-esque authority, effectively forcing Americans to, at minimum, accept 1.8 million illegal aliens a year.
  • Provide amnesty to a “documented Dreamer” class, taking care of 250,000 people whose parents replaced American workers under the deeply flawed H-1B guest worker program.
  • Keep mass parole programs in place — provided illegal immigrants enter through American airports, not at the border.
  • Give quicker work permits to illegal aliens likely committing asylum fraud by ending the 180-day wait period.
  • Expand the already vast network of free benefits like legal services for illegal aliens—adding to the services American taxpayers already fund to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per year.
  • Funnel billions of dollars to the corrupt NGOs that profit off the border crisis by transporting, lodging, and helping illegal aliens enter the country every day.

Lee introduced a resolution Wednesday that would force a public debate amongst Senate Republicans’ “border deal” before it can be voted on:

Sen Mike Lee said:

“The idea behind it, as the text suggests, we just want to make sure that this thing doesn’t get rushed. These ongoing conversations that have been going on privately for months, once they culminate, the theory is that with something like this, there must be a rush to get it to the floor, and there might be a sort of a wave of unfettered exuberance over the fact that a deal has been reached by those few involved in those discussions, and we just want to make sure that we have a chance to know what’s in it. And there are some provisions in there that we’ve been very concerned about. And so unless this thing is very different than what we imagined, then we’ve got an issue.” 

“So that part about the 5,000 per day, this is one of many things that has me concerned. Now there are 1000 ways this could be written. But what the proponents of the bill, when they share it, say that this is a new title 42-like tool that would allow us to effectively shut down illegal immigration on our southern border anytime daily encounters exceed 5,000 per day. Now, the part about being able to shut down illegal immigration sounds great, of course, but why 5,000 per day, especially when the Border Patrol has told us they can process about 500 per day? So why set the threshold for when this new authority kicks in? Only at 10 times what they can handle per day?”

“It seems very, very problematic to me. We keep being told ‘Oh, but you haven’t seen the whole thing. So don’t criticize it.’ But, what we’re talking about are the only things that we have heard. The only things that we have heard just give us cause for alarm, like these work permits. If you come in and you apply for asylum, and then you’re released out there right now, they give them work permits. Now, I don’t think they should be doing that. I think they should shut down the whole asylum process as soon as they’re getting more than they can handle each day because you’re supposed to detain them until their claims are adjudicated.”

“We know that 90 to 99% of them are ultimately not found eligible for asylum. But right now they just release them into the public, buy them a plane ticket. And then after an 180 day wait, they’re given a work permit so they can work over the next decade or so, while they wait for their asylum immigration hearings.”

“This is perhaps my number one concern with this whole thing. I feel that we’re setting this up in such a way that Republicans take the blame for the current border surge and the border crisis. Republicans take the blame for it, and it sends the message incorrectly, that the border surges are happening for want of adequate legislative authority. And that just isn’t the case. The exact same laws that are on the books today were on the books when Donald Trump brought these border surges down to a minimum.”

Sen Josh Hawley added:

“I certainly don’t trust Biden with more money or more authority. I think he’s the source of the problem. I often point out that the law isn’t changed at all between the Trump administration and the Biden administration, and yet we now have record high border crossings. Everybody knows that the only thing that’s changed is the President and his refusal to enforce the law. In fact, it’s worse than that. It’s the red carpet, you know, I mean, come on over to the cartels to all of the huge caravans, so I’m really, really skeptical that giving him more authority or money is going to do anything, number one. Number two, in terms of some of the items that you mentioned, it sounds like you know more about it than I do, which by the way, it’s typical.”

“I mean, we’ve been told now for literally a month that this is a great deal, and we should all get behind it, but we’re not going to let you see it. And then what does leak out? Things like 50,000 more green cards every year and 5,000 illegal crossings a day before you can close the border. Frankly, that sounds terrible to me. I mean, why would we ever agree to that? I mean, this sounds like a total giveaway. But then as soon as you criticize it, you’re told ‘Oh no, no, just wait for the text. Just wait for the text. At this point my patience has worn thin with this. I think this sounds, from what I know, this sounds like a terrible deal. If the people who say it’s wonderful really believe it is then show us. Show the world, publish the text but quit hiding behind closed doors and saying, ‘Well, wait, wait, wait. You’re gonna love it when you see it.’ I mean, I just I think this is really gotten to the point of absurdity.”




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