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Soccer Coach Arrested After Videos of Drugged Boys Discovered on his Cellphone

On Sunday, police arrested Camilo Hurtado Campos, a “popular” soccer coach from Franklin, Tenn. after an employee of a local restaurant discovered horrifying videos on his cellphone that showed young boys who had been drugged and sexually assaulted.

When the employees attempted to look through the phone to discover its owner, they uncovered horrendous videos of unconscious young boys being abused, cops said.

“During an immediate and tireless investigation, Detectives found hundreds of disturbing videos and pictures on that phone,” Franklin police said in a statement.

“In many of them, Campos recorded himself raping unconscious boys between approximately 9 and 17 years old.”

The 63-year-old coach has lived in the area for 20 years and was known to frequent local playgrounds recruiting children to join his soccer team.

Once he gained their trust, he allegedly brought them back to his home where it is believed he drugged and raped them. Detectives found evidence on Campos’ phone of sexual abuse of at least 10 children and have identified two victims thus far while they work to track down the rest.

The employees at the restaurant initially tried locating the owner of Campos’ cellphone after a customer had retrieved it but instead uncovered the horrific videos which led to him being arrested.

The victims are said to be unconscious in some videos and may not even know they were victimized as this investigation continues.

Detectives said the children are unconscious in the videos and may not realize that they had been victimized.

Campos is being held on charges of rape of a child and sexual exploitation of a minor. More charges are expected to be filed as the investigation continues.

It is truly disturbing that someone could take such advantage over innocent children in such an abhorrent manner – our thoughts go out to these victims during this difficult time.




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  1. The sick scumbag Soccer coach needs to be drawn and quartered! He’s got to be one very sick moron!

    1. I agree with Michael W Smith comments. Let me help by dragging that pig out onto a major highway road where cars will run over him but not see him before they run over this pervert. Best people to drive over him would be mother’s.

  2. Now isn’t that a coincidence that the DOJ just erased their evidence page on active Pedophilia Data that might implicate some notables much more popular and identifiable than this mope Soccer coach. The alleged so called pizzagate debacle is still alive and well in the good old U,S of A, the prime recipient of Child Sex Trafficking. Thks again Merrick Garland for your mis interpreted incompetence. You know damn well what is going on and whom you are protecting!!!!!!

  3. Agree these disgusting people must be publicly shamed executed, that includes anyone trying to protect these vile creatures including politicians,judges, lawyers, military, police, these so called politicians, leaders, must be held accountable thieves need to be publicly punished as well like they do in other countries cut their hand off do it a few times bet you won’t have people stealing anymore and the judges that don’t punish these criminals must be Fired immediately law license revoked for natural life banned from working in anywhere that has rule of law including government state federal

  4. One must have a Ten Commandments value system to feel shame. God’s justice is consistent with the Ten Commandments rights He gives us to (#6) not be murdered, (#7) not be sexually molested, (#8) not be stolen from, (#9) not to be lied to nor about, (#10) not have our 4-P’s, our persons, people, positions or possessions coveted by people abusing their personal or government power. we also have a Ten commandments #5 right to our family sanctity and privacy, providing we don’t use it to violate God’s commandments 6-10 against our family members. We also have Ten Commandments #1-4 rights to worship God publicly the way He says He wants to be worshipped in the Bible. This means we have a #1 right to have no God before Him, and bow down in worship only to the members of the Trinity of 1) God the Father, 2) Jesus, Who is God the Son, and 3) God The Holy Spirit. We have a #2 right to worship God in an environment that is free of man-made images, statutes, rosary beads, wheels of righteousness etc…. We have a #3 right to be free from an environment where the “Lord’s name is used as a vain word empty of meaning or a curse word.” We have a #4 right to worship freely on a day of the week designated as our Sabbath Day, during which we also are free from working at or for our place of employment.

    America was founded upon what I describe as “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights,” and not on “separation of church and state,” a phrase neither appearing in The Bible or in the US Constitution. (View interviews, sermons and blogs to learn more about about applying the Bible to every aspect of life, including civics, at

  5. No jail time. Public execution and shaming for these crimes. Let’s not burden the tax paying citizens with ‘therapy’ and prison housing.

  6. That Pedophile will become very very popular with General Population in Prison. Heck Larry Nasser was just stabbed and nearly killed when a few other prisoners showed him how they treat Rapists and Pedophiles.

  7. What a vile nasty sick man. He needs put down. He can’t be cured of his sickness. Any parent should be given the right to beat him with a iron bar for as long as they want. Before he is put to death. And if the beating ends up killing him, so be it.

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