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Soros-Backed NM SOS Caught Lying to Legislature: All Election Machines Connected to the Internet

New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse-Oliver testified before the New Mexico legislature and she lied through her teeth, but at least she is consistent.

I believe she could be allergic to the truth like most Democrats are. The House Judiciary Committee on the controversial election bill titled SB 180, Representative Greg Nibert asked the Secretary of State directly, “Is the election system connected to the internet?” She answered “no”.

This is a total lie and in fact, she knew it was a lie because she spent three million tax dollars to make sure they are all connected to the internet.

The entire election system is now under her complete control and connected to the internet. Toulouse-Oliver and the county clerks worked with Dominion to wipe out all election date making it impossible to investigate if the elections were fair. (SPOILER ALERT: They weren’t)

Previously,  we established that the post-election canvass reports in all 33 New Mexico Counties are being illegally prepared. Complete election records are being uploaded to an uncertified, centralized software under the control of the SOS called SERVIS, which is then used to create the official election results. Use of any uncertified software for this part of the election process is a violation of federal and state law. And according to state law, the SOS is not to have access to the complete election record from any county until the election has been certified.

From The Gateway Pundit

As the Democrat-controlled New Mexico legislature barrels ahead with legislation that would put the nail in the coffin of honesty and transparency in New Mexico’s elections, the corruption of the Secretary of State (SOS), Maggie Toulouse Oliver, continues to be exposed.

After hearing public testimony during a November Torrance County public meeting, the Estancia News has done a deep dive on how election results in New Mexico are finalized, or “canvassed.”  It turns out the SOS has illegally centralized this process, cutting out the clerks, and breaking multiple state and federal laws in the process.

During the canvass, each of the county clerks are to create a “report of the canvass” which gives detailed election results by ballot type and precinct for all the races on the ballot.  State law explicitly states that the canvass report is the sole responsibility of the county clerk: “The county clerk shall:  prepare the report of the canvass of the election returns by carefully examining the returns of each precinct to ascertain if they contain the properly executed certificates required by the Election Code and to ascertain whether any discrepancy, omission or error appears on the face of the election returns.” (NMSA 1-2-31.F).

The New Mexico legislature is now considering a bill,  SB 180. If that becomes law paper ballots cannot be used to audit an election and in fact are off limits to the public.




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  1. As long as Democrats can get away with cheating they will do it in order to stay in office and cover up their techniques and records. Once they are out of office and a real investigation can be done, I believe you will see major election fraud from the top all the way down to School Boards.

  2. Demonrats = lies, falsehoods, misinformation, communist loving POSs,unAmerican liars!!!! IE Jan 6th

  3. Evidence mounts. Testimony supports illegal voting activities. “Nothing here. Move on.” That is the Dems mantra and guess what. Nothing wil EVER happen and NO ONE will ever be prosicuted or jailed. The last few years is proof.

  4. We the honest law abideng are getting tired of these democrats committing election crimes that affect the whole country and none of them being prosecuted. If there is no punishment why bother they will do it again only worse the next time.

  5. George Soros finances domestic terrorism in every way possible to destroy the USA. He has openly said he does not like Capitalism and our way of life. One must remember he collaborated with the Nazi when you was younger and turned in many people who where shipped off to Concentration camps. That’s when his gut level values were locked in for life. After about breaking the Bank of England he was no longer welcome there, along with places like Russia and Hungary. My own personal feeling is we should revoke his citizenship for is abuses of or society and ship him back to whence he came.

  6. Democrat is a mental illness. They are all trying to snuff out anything that Republicans do. They will continue to cheat and steal elections. They all need to be imprisoned. Wake up America you are killing yourself.

  7. I was just erased – with the FALSE CLAIM that “you said that already”

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