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Stacey Abram’s Non-Profit Supports Domestic Terrorists in Attack on Police

Remember that during the campaign for governor, Stacey Abrams insisted that she wanted more funding for the police despite sitting on a board looking to eliminate the police? Now that she is a two-time loser, she can now be honest and admit she hates the police. That’s right: Abrams’ New Georgia Project is pushing a “National Day of Action Against Police Terror” this week.

The subtitle for the event is “Demand justice for Tyre Nichols and Tortuguita.” Tortguita is Spanish and it means “Little Turtle.” Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, or “Little Turtle” is a domestic terrorist who got blown away after he shot a cop. For some crazy reason, Abrams and other activists believe the police should be willing sitting ducks, who are not allowed to defend themselves. This i nothing new for the leftists. For many years they have tried to disarm Americans and leave them at the mercy of criminals.

On its Twitter page bio, The New Georgia Project claims to be a non-partisan organization. Right. And I am the Supreme Commander of the Universe. They say they are  “a non-partisan effort to register and civically engage the rising electorate in Georgia.” The people of Georgia are wise to The Georgia Project and no one is surprised that Stacey Abrams added her logo as proof of her support for defunding and eliminating the police and prisons. Her statements during the campaign in support of the police were pure lies and the citizens of Georgia dodged a huge bullet when they voted against her.

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And now the New Georgia Project is lending its imprimatur to the ongoing activities of these domestic terrorists. If it wasn’t already a secret that Stacey Abrams hates the police and wants to sow chaos in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia, it’s crystal clear now. Shame on her.

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9 Responses

  1. The mental status of anyone supporting criminals should be examined. Without full support from our police we will become the worlds crime capital. As of this writing we appear well on the way.

  2. Why has this woman not been arrested for supporting and encouraging Domestic Terrorism? Are the courts and jails afraid she will eat her way back out of jail?

  3. Now since it’s HER nonprofit advertising and setting up this day of hate directed at the police, shouldn’t SHE be responsible for the actions of the people who are undoubtedly going to break all kinds of laws and more likely begin rioting? If something pops off, shouldn’t SHE be on top of law enforcement’s list for arrest and charged with Domestic Terrorism and Inciting a Riot etc?
    I’m tired of watching these political figures create the problems then protect the criminals. I’ll bet she’s already been getting bail money from top democrats and oh yeah SOROS…

  4. Abrams is a liar, a nut job, a crook and a loser of the highest order. It is time for her retire from politics and stop her insanity.

  5. She’s a loser yet she just keeps running. When she first ran, the Black Panthers came to Georgia carrying her signs and rifles. Voter intimidation? I’d say so.


  7. Any person in a position of influence who advocates violence, injury to another or even make death threats against anyone else should be labeled and treated like any other Domestic Terrorist no matter who they are, no matter what race they are, no matter where they come from or are at, and legally dealt with accordingly.

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