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Student Activist Humiliates CNN Journalist, Embarrassed Host Abruptly Cuts Segment

Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling affirms the Constitutional principle that discrimination based on race is not allowed, and liberal brains are melting nationwide in response.

This includes many legacy media “journalists” who fail to see how this decision upholds the American ideals of equal opportunity for all.

The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Harvard and UNC’s race-based affirmative action programs were unconstitutional, a decision which will prevent schools from discriminating against students on the basis of their race. In light of this, CNN host Abby Phillip hosted Kenny Xu, a member of Students for Fair Admissions (the plaintiff in the successful case) to discuss the implications of this ruling.

However, Phillip quickly ended her segment with Xu after he exposed some inconvenient facts about Black SAT scores and higher education graduation rates – an indication of her discomfort with his stance on the matter.

This kind of behavior by members of legacy media shows a pattern: they struggle to accept opinions that challenge their own narrative or ideological biases.

Fortunately, thanks to Thursday’s landmark decision by the Supreme Court, our nation can rest assured that all individuals have an equal chance at educational opportunities regardless of their skin color or other factors which may be used as pretexts for discrimination.

This is precisely why America is such a great nation. It allows citizens to pursue success without being hindered by arbitrary standards imposed upon them due to their racial background.

Here’s how the segment went down:

Well, I hope you followed the case.

Xu went on to explain why academic excellence rather than race should be prioritized in college admissions.

I think that admissions should be only based on merit. Why are we asking a university to calculate somebody’s level of diversity?

Phillip then asked if “other factors” rather than SAT scores and grades should be considered in the college admissions process. Xu said this could only be done if race is not considered.

The conversation then took a turn when Phillip suggested socioeconomic status should be a factor considered in college admissions.


Xu responds by explaining this would be unfair because you are not considering the success of an applicant. Admitting someone based on socioeconomic status lowers standards and harms graduation rates.

This is particularly true of Black Americans as he explains.

The reason why you shouldn’t consider that is because you should consider the success of an applicant. Because of affirmative action, Black Americans graduate from law school at the bottom 25 percent of their classes, largely speaking. And we don’t want that.

We want Black students to succeed. We want every student to succeed. Low-income students to succeed.

But you have to put them in scenarios in places where they’re likely to succeed. And lowering your standard to admit somebody of a socioeconomic status or race would not help them do that. In fact it would harm their graduation rate and excellence.

Upset of the truth bomb, Phillip decided to question reality instead and try to gaslight CNN viewers. Xu stopped her and managed to dropping another truth bomb, this time regarding Asian and Black SAT scores. Phillip tried to rudely interrupt him.

Phillip: Well, as the case also points out, the standard isn’t necessarily lowered because the students are all admitted. It’s the question whether race can be an added consideration, a tipping point–

Xu: The standard is lowered.

Phillip: Kenny–

Xu: The standard is lowered. As the Students for Fair Admissions data shows, an Asian has to score 273 points higher on the SAT to have the same chance of admission as a Black person–

At this moment, Phillip was so triggered and thoroughly humiliated that she abruptly ended the segment in a huff while sarcastically thanking him. The brutal truth proved too hot to handle.

“Kenny Xu, thank you for your perspective. Really appreciate you joining us today.




10 Responses

  1. I live near a community where the federal government dumped a great number of Vietnam refugees who were able to escape Vietnam when the communists took over in the mid-1970’s. As the children of the refugees grew up, they began to appear in the top 10% of their graduating classes from high school. How did that happen? Many of the refugees could not even speak English. Many of them came from lower socioeconomic communities in Vietnam. The refugees were being supported with funds from the our federal government. The conditions under which they lived in their new community as outsiders would suggest that their children would be in the bottom 10% of their graduating classes from high school. What is it that the opposite was true? What is the explanation? It is clear. The parents had a dream for their children and they did everything they could to encourage and plan for that dream. The children stayed home, did their home work, and listened to and obeyed the discipline from their parents. The children did not spend their time in wasteful, non-academic activities; they spent their time looking to the future. And, they succeeded at it. If I recall my statistics correctly, around 50% of the students now attending UCBerkeley are Asian. Some people might call them “People of Color”; I call them the products of the American Dream.

    1. Nailed it! It’s not about skin color, it’s about discipline, upbringing and motivation. I’m guessing that the Vietnamese kids you are referring to didn’t end up in suburbia, with the best, well funded schools. They were motivated by their parents to succeed regardless of what was going on in their neighborhood schools.

  2. Bet she’d never heard those stats before.
    She must have been buffaloed into thinking black graduates were really just as smart as everyone else. They should be but apparently it not happening.
    She wants the black people to get diplomas even though they aren’t very good at their school work. Well I can see that failure could cause nothing but more failure in some, but really, shouldn’t people learn not to think more highly of themselves than they ought?
    How about a little more humility in our communities.
    You know, brilliant people don’t think of themselves that way.

  3. It’s not that the truth was so brutal, as much as the CNN “journalist”, as typical, has so little experience with it.

    1. Amerika has suffered long enough with all this “truth decay”. Let’s try a few facts for a change

  4. Little Abby needs to grow up and learn the real truth. The young man is correct. The failure isn’t racism it’s lousy public education systems AND poor parenting. There are plenty of millionaires of all races in this country because they weren’t afraid of that little 4 letter word “work” and more power to them.

    1. there is nothing funny about the Divided Socialist STATE of Amerika anymore, Mr. Sack

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