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BOOM: Pelosi, AOC, and Numerous Other Democrats Hit With Ethics Complaints

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) said the Democrats “repeatedly” used official resources for political gain. Democrats have gotten away with flaunting the law for so long that they never even bother to hide what they are doing, so will the ethics committee let these obvious violations slide or issue no punishment while […]

Democrats Protect Biden: Calls Off All Debates

Democrats want Joe Biden to win the Democratic nomination in 2024 so that they can continue to run the country with Biden as their figurehead. The 2020 debates were a disaster, and Biden is befuddled that just trying to get into Air Force One and answering questions would not end well for them. And naturally, […]

Democrats: Give U.S. Green Energy Jobs to Foreign Workers, Not Americans

Corrupt elected Democrats are making a push to bring in more foreigners to take US jobs from Americans. Welcome to the party of America Last. Democrats are known for allowing foreign workers who will work for much less money into the country in exchange for campaign contributions. They bill themselves as the party of the […]

Manchin Unloads On Democrats In Highlighting Problems With America

Have you noticed that Joe Manchin has suddenly taken the offensive against Democrats and the Biden administration? And if you have noticed, why do you think that is? There are two possibilities that I can think of and they both hold water. Manchin could be attacking the same things most Americans are and that is […]