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White House Fails Its Own Fact Check on Illegal Alien Drownings

The DHS claims that Texas authorities kept the Border Patrol from saving three illegal aliens, a mother and two children. The White House used the same tack against Texas because they are doing the job that Joe Biden is supposed to do in protecting the country. That narrative was blown out of the water by […]

Texas AG Ken Paxton Claims That Biden is Aiding and Abetting the Drug Cartels

Texas AG Ken Paxton stated the obvious as he accused Joe Biden of aiding and abetting the Mexican drug cartels. Biden has declared the border to be open as millions pour into the country without any vetting or testing for deadly diseases. Child traffickers are doing pretty good as well. These groups are the only […]

Colony Ridge: Sued For ‘Bait-And-Switch’ Sales, Predatory Financing

Biden’s DOJ is suing Colony Ridge in Texas, claiming that they mislead customers, most of whom are illegal immigrants who cannot get a conventional loan to buy property. They sell property in flood plains and without water, sewer, or electrical infrastructure. The Biden administration’s Department of Justice and Consumer Protection Financial Bureau are the ones […]