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Nearly 10,000 Photos From Hunter Biden’s Laptop Released Online

A cache of photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop has been released online. The number of photos released to the public is almost 10,000. Biden’s laptop was abandoned at a Delaware repair shop and the FBI has been in cover-up mode ever since. The thousands of photos reportedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop have been uploaded to the website. The […]

New Emails Prove Hunter Biden Was Selling Access to His Father

Selling influence is like prostitution. No matter how much you sell, you still have the same amount left. Hunter Biden is experienced in both of those worlds. Joe Biden and his deputy chief of staff held a meeting with three business associates of Hunter Biden, one of whom was a foreign national. Fox News Digital […]

Arkansas Judge Rips Hunter Biden For Concealing Financial Records From Baby Mama

Hunter Biden actually showed up for court on Monday and the judge lashed out at him for hiding income in the ongoing battle to reduce his child support from $20,000 a month. The judge wanted to know how much Hunter’s alleged artwork sold for and to whom. Hunter’s lawyers objected, saying that they don’t know […]

Hunter Biden’s Bizarre Countersuit Against John Paul Mac Isaac

In what can only be described as one of the most bizarre lawsuits in the history of the courts, Hunter Biden’s lawyers refuse to acknowledge that the laptop belongs to Hunter, but then they say that Isaac stole the contents from Hunter. Did he suddenly become a hacker?  All of the information that Isaac has […]

Top Hunter Biden Associate Set To Turn Over Docs To House Oversight, Republicans Say

Hunter Biden has refused to supply House investigators with documents pertaining to his shady business deals with countries that hate us. But, House GOP members say that a longtime friend and business partner of Hunter’s will soon make documents available. Hunter Biden associate Eric Schwerin will be providing documents to the House Oversight Committee.  The […]