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House Republicans Release Hunter Biden Contempt Resolutions

House Republicans on the Oversight and Judiciary Committees have released resolutions condemning Hunter Biden for contempt of Congress which can carry a fine of up to $1,000 or a one year prison sentence or both. The GOP in the House is right. Hunter Biden is blatantly thumbing his nose at Congress. And why not? He […]

BOMBSHELL!: Ukrainian Politician Who Broke the Biden-Burisma Corruption Story – Sits for FIRST INTERVIEW in Two Years-Will Release Bombshell Report on January 10th

Joe, Jim, and Hunter Biden are probably in panic over the fact that former Ukrainian politician Andriy Derkach, the man that first exposed Biden family corruption in Ukraine. Derkach plans on releasing the full report on the Biden family dealings in Ukraine on January 10th. He has said that he has continued his investigation since […]

House GOP Floats Biden Impeachment Over ‘Conspiracy To Obstruct’ Hunter Deposition

The House is launching an investigation into Joe Biden’s role in Hunter’s refusal to answer a subpoena and committing Contempt of Congress, in order to impeach Joe Biden on those grounds. Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) said in a letter demanding a host of documents and communications by January 10 on the role that […]

Nearly 10,000 Photos From Hunter Biden’s Laptop Released Online

A cache of photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop has been released online. The number of photos released to the public is almost 10,000. Biden’s laptop was abandoned at a Delaware repair shop and the FBI has been in cover-up mode ever since. The thousands of photos reportedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop have been uploaded to the website. The […]