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KJP Tries to Shut Down Fox’s Peter Doocy for Asking Why Biden Talks to Dead People

Fox News’ White House correspondent Peter Doocy keeps asking questions that drive Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) right up the wall. She is almost as bad of a White House spokesperson as Joe Biden is a totally incompetent president. Yesterday Doocy asked KJP about Biden talking to a dead French president. Dementia patients often confuse the past […]

Texas Tells Biden to Take a Hike on Their Demand of Access to Eagle Pass

Texas state officials rejected demands from the Biden administration to allow federal agents access to a border crossing area known as Eagle Pass. They have set up razor wire to prevent the endless flow of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens into the state. Biden claims this is in violation of the Supreme Court ruling in the […]

Fani Willis’s Alleged Collusion With Biden White House May Soon Be Exposed

The walls are closing in on Fani Willis and the revelation which is the next to drop is her collusion with Joe Biden’s White House. That’s funny. Joe swore he had nothing to do with the charges against Trump. I guess we are to believe it is coincidental that all three prosecutors went to the […]

Hispanics Threaten Biden’s Chances in This Deep Blue State

There are some states which are always reliable for Democrats and Republicans. New Mexico has always been one of them, but may not be much longer. The reason is simple. Hispanics are turning away from him in record numbers. Surprisingly for Democrats, illegal immigration is a huge issue along with the economy. Bidenomics is not […]

MAKE ROOM FOR MICHELLE: Barack Obama Is Telling Joe Biden to Quit the 2024 Race

In the latest proof that Barack Obama is angling to get the Democratic nomination for president for Michelle, Biden’s boss Obama is telling Biden to get out of the race. A report explains: “Insiders snitched that tensions between the two presidents recently exploded after irate Obama rushed to a secret meeting and confronted Biden about […]

14 House Democrats Vote To Denounce Biden Admin’s ‘Open-Borders Policies’

The House passed a resolution that condemns Joe Biden’s open border policy. Surprisingly fourteen Democrats voted for the resolution. Twelve Democrats did not vote at all and nine Republicans did likewise. So, now ask yourselves why fourteen Democrats crossed over and voted for the resolution offered by Rep. Nathaniel Moran (R-TX). I believe at least […]