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The FBI is Covering for Biden on Bribery Scandal

The FBI has refused to turn over a 1023 form that is not classified to the House Oversight Committee. I can remember when the FBI was successfully catching criminals, but now they specialize in political prosecutions and covering up for the Delaware mafia. Just as they have done with Hunter Biden’s laptop, they are now […]

FBI Hiding Key Document Detailing Bribery Scheme Involving Joe Biden and Foreign National

I am now convinced that the FBI stands for “fixing Biden’s incompetence.” And the CIA is “covering idiot’s a@@.” There are more cover-ups in this administration than Biden’s illegal aliens flooding our border. In a press conference on Wednesday morning, Rep James Comer and the other GOP members on his Oversight Committee laid out the […]

White House Makes a Startling Admission About Biden

When you think of the presidency, you think of long days and weekends that are often busy with the affairs of the state. If you remember, President Trump swung a huge manufacturing deal on a holiday. So, you might believe that Joe Biden has the same type of hectic schedule, but you would be dead […]

NBC Delivers More Bad News to Joe Biden

Joe Biden can’t understand it. He has been incompetent for over 30 years and this is the first time he is being punished for it. The sick joke is that he truly believes he is doing a great job and all of his screw-ups are President Trump’s fault. Maybe they need to increase his medications. […]

Democrats Protect Biden: Calls Off All Debates

Democrats want Joe Biden to win the Democratic nomination in 2024 so that they can continue to run the country with Biden as their figurehead. The 2020 debates were a disaster, and Biden is befuddled that just trying to get into Air Force One and answering questions would not end well for them. And naturally, […]

Manchin is Running Scared: Bashing Biden for Everything

Joe Manchin is considered the most vulnerable Senator in the 2024 cycle. President Trump won the state of West Virginia by over 30 points. He is no longer popular in WV after he allowed himself to be snookered by Chuck Schumer. He traded his vote on a boondoggle spending bill in exchange for a bill […]

Joe Biden Lies About Defunding the Police: He Claims Republicans Did It

It is easy to spot when Joe Biden is lying. You can see his lips moving. He claims that inflation began under Trump, but when Trump left office inflation was 1.4%. He also claims that the border is now more secure than it was under Trump. You can laugh now. And now, he claims that […]