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House Republicans Suing FBI Agent For Ducking Testimony On Social Media Censorship

The House Republicans are suing Elvis Chan for ignoring two subpoenas for him to testify on the Biden censorship of honest conservatives who disagree with him. Chan is considered to be right in the middle of the bullying of social media in order to hide the unconstitutional censorship by the Biden administration that defies the […]

Biden Threatens to Sue Texas for Arresting Illegal Aliens Entering The Country

That would be an interesting lawsuit. What can Biden really about the arrest and deportation of illegal aliens? He can’t use the Supremacy Law because Texas is not breaking US law, Biden is. Nowhere in federal laws or statutes does it provides for open borders. In fact, Gov Greg Abbott would be doing what Biden […]

Colony Ridge: Sued For ‘Bait-And-Switch’ Sales, Predatory Financing

Biden’s DOJ is suing Colony Ridge in Texas, claiming that they mislead customers, most of whom are illegal immigrants who cannot get a conventional loan to buy property. They sell property in flood plains and without water, sewer, or electrical infrastructure. The Biden administration’s Department of Justice and Consumer Protection Financial Bureau are the ones […]

Maricopa County Signature Reviewer Testifies in Kari Lake Trial She Felt “Pressured” by Supervisors Sending Already Rejected Signatures Back to Them for Approval

On the first day of hearings on Kari Lake’s lawsuit on signature verification, level one signature reviewer Jacqueline Onigkeit was the first witness. She testified that ballots that were rejected based on the fact that the signatures did not match were sent back by supervisors with orders to approve them the second time. She says […]

Kari Lake Takes Her Case to the Arizona Supreme Court: Requests an Expedited Hearing

Kari Lake filed new paperwork and 779 pages of evidence in the Arizona Supreme Court today. She is appealing lower court rulings that allow for massive cheating without consequence. She also filed her request for an expedited hearing while Arizona is still in one piece. The appeals court ruled that Arizona election laws don’t matter, […]