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Trump Seeks to Disqualify Fani Willis From RICO Case in Blistering Court Filing

President Trump and his lawyers are seeking to get Fani Willis thrown off the RICO case against him due to her many conflicts of interest and her partisan prosecution. He is joining his co-defendant Michael Roman’s effort to disqualify Willis, Wade, and the entire Fulton County DA’s office. They are accusing Willis of having an […]

Trump Requests Jack Smith Be Held in Contempt of Court

I hold myself in Contempt of Jack Smith. President Trump is asking the court to find Jack Smith in contempt of court over his continuing use of new court filings despite the fact that District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan ordered a pause in the case until the Supreme Court rules on Trump’s immunity claim. That […]

CNN Legal Analyst Says Trump Has Two Arguments That Could Make Ballot Cases Go Away

CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig claims that President Trump has two arguments that could make his appearance on the ballots go away. The Trump team is appealing the decision by Democratic Secretary of State Shenna Bellows that took Trump’s name off the ballot in Maine. Republicans is Colorado are doing the same thing. The […]

NYT Writer: Trump is Now the return to Normalcy Candidte

In 2020, Joe Biden was sold as the candidate who would return the country to it’s normalcy, but we now know that his idea of normal is the destruction of the country. New York Times columnist Kristen Soltis Anderson now says that title belongs to Trump and it does. The voters have seen the results […]

Jonathan Turley: How The Supreme Court Ruined Jack Smith’s Holiday

Jack Smith just asked Santa for one thing and that was a conviction of Trump in March in order to interfere with the 2024 election. He asked the court to expedite a hearing into Trump’s assertion that he is covered by immunity. He wanted to bypass the DC Court of appeals. Had he been successful, […]