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Dershowitz: Alvin Bragg’s Charges Against President Trump Are Absurd and Politically Motivated (VIDEO)

Former Harvard law professor and lifelong liberal, Alan Dershowitz condemned Manhattan DA Alvin (And the Chipmunks) Bragg over the charges he has brought against President Trump. Dershowitz described them as BS and that they are politically motivated.  Dershowitz joined Deutsche Welle’s Tim Sebastian this week to discuss the political persecution against President Trump. The longtime […]

Georgia Prosecutor Says She Will Announce Charges Against Trump This Summer

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said she will announce this summer, whether she will charge Trump with any crimes over his phone calls to Georgia officials. Georgia had one of the most poorly run elections of my lifetime and I can’t help but wonder if it was on purpose. Never Trumpers are everywhere and […]

This Will Backfire: Trump Indicted by Manhattan Grand Jury

The news of the indictment against President Trump is worse for Alvin Bragg than it is for Trump. His star witness is a habitual liar and if he puts Cohen on the stand, he is risking his law license by suborning perjury. If he doesn’t put him on the stand, he has nothing, especially since […]

DOJ Claims Trump Can Be Sued Over J6 Despite the Lack of a Crime

The DOJ is fighting hard to protect its kingdom. The corrupt DOJ realizes that if Donald Trump is elected as presiden5t again, their days as SS of the Democratic Party is numbered. Right now they have it their own way as they target those who committed no crimes on J6, including Enrique Tarrio who wasn’t […]