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Take a Good Look at Germany to See Where the US is Heading: Never Ending Street Riots

The pro-terrorist movement is hitting countries all throughout the west. They are disrupting celebrations, traffic, and airports. Thousands riot but only hundreds are arrested. And unless I miss my guess, those who are arrested will get a slap on the wrist. These are violent protests and both civilians and the police are being injured. On […]

Crime May Not Pay But Rioting in Philadelphia Sure Does

During the riots in Philadelphia after the death of drug addict, George Floyd, the people threw rocks at police, broke store windows, and assaulted innocent people. In order to get them to stop the Philly police shot tear gas and rubber bullets at the rioters. Now, the city, in its infinite wisdom has decided that […]

Liberals Against Charges of Domestic Terrorism Now That Antifa is the Target

Liberalism thrives in darkness. They were fine in labeling peaceful protesters as domestic terrorists at the Capitol on January 6th. They were overjoyed in calling parents who did not want pornographic materials for their children domestic terrorists. They cheered as pro-lifers were named domestic terrorists. But, they absolutely hit the roof once the domestic terrorist […]