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Stacey Abram’s Non-Profit Supports Domestic Terrorists in Attack on Police

Remember that during the campaign for governor, Stacey Abrams insisted that she wanted more funding for the police despite sitting on a board looking to eliminate the police? Now that she is a two-time loser, she can now be honest and admit she hates the police. That’s right: Abrams’ New Georgia Project is pushing a […]

Over Half a Million Dollars is Missing From Stacey Abrams’ Non-Profit

The Stacey Abrams charity ‘New Georgia Project’ has a major problem with its taxes. There is a shortage of  $533,846 from its fund. In their tax filings, they allegedly paid $533,846 to the Black Male Initiative. However, the Black Male Initiative says that they did not receive any money from anyone and had only received […]