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Fani Willis Fired Whistleblower Who Reported Misuse of Funds

Fanny Willis is now being accused of firing whistleblower,  Amanda Timpson, an employee in the Fulton County DA’s office warned Fani Willis that an aide for a  in her office planned on using part of a federal grant awarded for the creation of a Center of Youth Empowerment and Gang Prevention to buy notebook, swag, […]

IRS Whistleblower Will Share His Allegations Against AG Merrick Garland Lying to Congress

White House scandals spokesman Ian Sams issued a statement in April denying Joe Biden was behind the interference in the prosecution of Hunter Biden. I believe him. Merrick Garland appears to be the likely culprit. Of course, Joe Biden is behind Garland’s interference. Let’s face it, the FBI has been investigating Hunter Biden for five years […]