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Tara Reade Reveals How the FBI Targeted Her as a Russian Asset After She Spoke Out about the Sexual Assault by Joe Biden

On Thursday evening Ivory Hecker, the host of Gateway: Beyond the Headlines interviewed Tara Reade, the woman who has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. Tara fled to Russia in May 2024, is suing the Department of Justice over alleged misconduct. She claims that the FBI investigated her as a Russian asset after she made her accusation.

Tara Reade revealed how the politicized FBI was targeting her on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines:

Tara Reade: Thank you, first of all, for having me on the show. I really appreciate it. And being allowed to tell know part of this history that’s happened. The FBI, you know, via the DOJ, has been very weaponized. And I think there’s been a lot of discussion about that on Capitol Hill with the hearings exposing how politicized and weaponized it’s been under the Biden regime.

However, when I discovered it, I discovered it earlier than some of the things that are being exposed now in covert and overt ways. There were things happening to me like I was being targeted with criminal, possible criminal charges, and I was being contacted through social media by different people. And when all of this first came forward in 2019. When I first came forward. And when all of this started happening, I went for help. When I was getting death threats, right? I was thinking this was coming from the outside, maybe someone unhinged or a bad actor or whatever. So I did what any normal citizen would do, and I went to the FBI for help. Little did I know that the FBI was targeting me. The Biden administration had named me as a Russian asset back in 2019, and it went from there…

…The first thing they did was label me a Russian asset, and then in 2020 when Biden was elected, that gave them purview to do what’s called a FISA hearing, where they can do warrantless searches and surveillance, and John can describe that a little bit better. But unbeknownst to me, this was all kind of know, starting to happen on the roll, if you will. So I went to the FBI for help, didn’t get it. And then as things progressed and Biden became president, it became clear that I was a target. Then a sealed case came forward in 2020 from the DOJ through the FBI. And the only reason I knew about it because it was a sealed case is that a Twitter attorney reached out to me and said, here’s the sealed warrant. Gave me the sealed warrant that the DOJ had put to get all my Twitter communications. And they also, in his conversation, told me that all of my communications, meaning emails, any other social media I had was being looked at by the FBI…

…To what end? Well, to find out who I was talking to and what I was doing, probably most likely. And then also it was to terrorize me and intimidate me. And it was very intimidating, particularly feeling like when I was trying to tell the truth, suddenly the government was coming after me. Now that Biden had the full powers of the presidency and he was able to weaponize DOJ and FBI at will. And so I’ll let John kind of explain some of the legal aspects of that.

From The Gateway Pundit

Tara Reade sued the DOJ this week over the alleged FBI operation against her.

The allegations against the FBI, include suspicious occurrences like disruptions in her bank accounts and a manuscript of her book that had gone missing from a FedEx shipment in November 2020 that detailed her claims against Biden.




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  1. Corruption and Lies is a way of life for Democrats the DOJ and FBI and this administration would do anything to keep control and hide the Corruption.

  2. I remember a time that almost everything the FBI said was accepted as the gospel truth. Now they have revealed that much of what they claim is questionable. I’m not sure the FBI can be saved.

  3. The Democraps GESTAPO AKA FBI will do anything to Protect Pedo Joe and Democraps. Look how they LIED about the Steele dossier. Pedo Joe has sexual harassed or assaulted many women both as Obozo’s VP and after being CHEATED in the White House. There are many many videos of this. Pedo Joe did it when running as Obozo’s VP and while in that office. Then look at all the times he has made SICK statements to little girls. Unlike the woman that claimed President Trump and many others raped her the woman has only blamed Pedo Joe. Then there is the FACT that Pedo Joe has admitted to doing things to Women he should not. Just ask the female Secret Service agents he stripped in front of more than once.

  4. Now don’t forget, Biden just said … always belive the women … so why isn’t he in court paying 85 millon to her. Or is that only for Trump ???

  5. It only seem’s the women are liars when it’s against democrat’s – i.e. clinton, biden, but women are truthful when accusing conservatives – i.e. Justice Thomas, Justice Kavanaugh, and Trump. And yet the incident’s happened 20-30 years before and no complaint’s were filed at the time, but only brought out for the purpose to discredit those seeking an important position. Follow the money and you have your answer.

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