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Teen Who Allegedly Killed Chicago Cop Was Arrested Last Summer After Shooting Incident, But DA Dropped Charge

This is becoming redundant. A Soros-backed DA lets anyone walk after they commit a felony and they come back after committing a murder. Don’t be shocked, but it is the Democratic party responsible for tragedies like this. A teen who was arrested for shooting and killing a police officer had been involved in a shooting back in July when a drive-by shooting left another young man with several wounds in the leg during the incident. D.A. Kim Foxx’s department dropped the charges against 18-year-old Steven Montano.

Around 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, Chicago PD received a call about an armed suspect chasing a woman down the street on South Spaulding Avenue near an elementary school in Gage Park. Correct me if I am mistaken, but that would be a gun-free zone, wouldn’t it? One unit went to the woman’s house and the other chased Montano on foot. At some point, Montano turned around and he and  32-year-old Andres Vasquez-Lasso soon exchanged fire with the suspect. Vasquez-Lasso was mortally wounded in the exchange.

Police Supt. David Brown said:

“We are heartbroken. Policing is a big family. People know at some point they may be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice, but they never wish or hope that it actually happens. And tonight, this tragedy did.”

From The Blaze

Before he died, Vasquez-Lasso shot and wounded the suspect in the head. Montano was transported to Stroger Hospital in critical condition, leaving his in-person appearance in court, scheduled for Friday, in doubt. Montano has been charged with first-degree murder, felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon with no FOID card, felony aggravated discharge of a firearm near a school building, misdemeanor assault, and misdemeanor interfering with the reporting of domestic violence.

Though Montano currently has no criminal record, Ald. Raymond Lopez of the 15th Ward of Chicago claimed that the suspect is a known gang member who was allegedly involved in an area shooting last summer.

On July 28, witnesses claimed that three men shot a 27-year-old man in the leg several times and then sped away in a white Honda Accord, which turned out to be stolen. When police attempted to pull the car over, the car stopped and three men fled the scene on foot in separate directions. Montano was later found hiding under a nearby porch, and two guns believed to be connected to the shooting were found elsewhere on the same street “in the direct flight path of the offenders from the vehicle,” the police report said.

Against police recommendations, Montano was never directly charged in connection to the shooting or the discovered weapons, but instead was assessed a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest. “The defendant, who was a passenger in the vehicle, was not charged with a felony because the evidence does not support a charge of gun possession,” the office of Kim Foxx, the Cook County state’s attorney, said in a statement on Thursday.

An innocent police officer is a victim of left-wing prosecutors.






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  1. With vine climbing , tree swinging , nappy haired , worthless sluts like Kim Foxx as a D.A. ,,,, is it any surprise why the crime in Chicago is more like a third world country ?????

  2. At what point do we start holding judges, and district attorneys liable for allowing perps off the hook for crimes they should have been either tried for or let off with a very light sentence. Seems to me they should share some of the guilt.

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