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Texas 11-Year-Old Raped and Found Dead, Guatemalan Immigrant Arrested

The tragic death of Maria Gonzalez, 11, was discovered on Saturday in Pasadena, Texas.

According to reports, she had sent a text message to her father earlier that day alerting him to the presence of a stranger knocking at the front door.

Later that evening when he returned home from work, her body was found stuffed in a trash bag beneath his bed.

Police in Shreveport, Louisiana have arrested 18-year-old Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez and are preparing to extradite him to Texas following a crucial discovery at the scene of a deceased girl’s body in a Pasadena apartment complex.

Authorities report that a key left beside the body provided them with enough evidence to connect it to Garcia-Rodriguez’s unit in the same complex.

Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez crossed the US border from Guatemala into El Paso in January.

Despite being detained by Border Patrol agents, he was subsequently released to his sponsors in Louisiana.

KTRK reported:

The man accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl in Pasadena before allegedly strangling her to death was arrested out of state, according to police.

On Saturday, authorities confirmed that the Shreveport Louisiana Police Department arrested 18-year-old Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez, who is awaiting to be extradited back to Texas.

Sources told Eyewitness News that Garcia-Rodriguez “gave a full confession” after he was arrested in Shreveport.

“We want to say thank you to the Pasadena Police Department and to Louisiana police and any officials that participated in bringing this cold-blooded murderer into custody. This arrest has brought the family and community some peace. We are extremely thankful that he cannot cause this type of pain to anybody again. I ask for those who are in charge to give us justice. May he be burdened with the full weight of the law, for what he has done to my daughter,” the victim’s family said in a statement.




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    1. I ask when is our actual Patriot Military going to take the action they must which is to take all those you and I along with all good patriotic Americans know are responsible for all of this, to the Camp; and do the Tribunal and take care of business; get her done!

  1. OMG! Those SOB’s in Washington the Deep Swamp are doing this evil to our People and Nation and they should all be in GITMO awaiting a military Tribunal to pass judgment on them!
    This is so horrible and wicked; that poor sweet child!!!!!!!!
    Dear Jesus I know you have her with you and I thank you! Amen.
    Please Jesus dispatch the powers above to get all this evil and desroy it once and for all time!

    1. If they send him back to Guatemala, he’ll just sneak back in later. Illegal aliens committing crimes such as rape, murder, sex trafficking and drug dealing should be executed.

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