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Texas AG Ken Paxton Claims That Biden is Aiding and Abetting the Drug Cartels

Texas AG Ken Paxton stated the obvious as he accused Joe Biden of aiding and abetting the Mexican drug cartels. Biden has declared the border to be open as millions pour into the country without any vetting or testing for deadly diseases. Child traffickers are doing pretty good as well. These groups are the only ones who benefit from Bidenomics. The Biden administration is threatening to sue Texas for arresting and detaining illegal aliens.

Paxton responded to the threat and he is fighting tooth and nail against a lawless administration. The new law gives law enforcement the responsibility of arresting the illegals and allows judges to force  the illegals to leave the country.

Paxton said during an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,”:

“It’s pretty crazy to see what’s happened over the last three years of the Biden administration. Those numbers, as you have seen, get worse, not better.” 

“It’s not like they’re solving the problem. They’re actually helping aid and abet the cartels. And then Texas says, ‘We have had enough. We’re going to do something about it.’ And then they threaten us from enforcing our own laws. It seems pretty crazy. And it’s hard to believe that we have a government that is working against its own citizens and helping the cartels move as many people across the border as possible.”

In a letter sent to Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott last week, the DOJ threatened to sue Texas for interference in the area of illegal immigration. What they don’t say is that they are not following US immigration laws and Texas is merely doing what Biden refuses to do. He is definitely in violation of his oath of office. He is not just allowing illegal immigrationto explode, he is actively aiding these illegal aliens. That in itself is reason enough to impeach him.

Paxton continued:

“We have literally thousands of kids dying from fentanyl overdoses that don’t have to die because we have the cartels having an easy line into Texas and an easy line to get into the country. And so it is having a significant impact, and it is going to spread beyond Texas, beyond the border states. It is an American problem. And I think it’s clearly caused by the Biden administration.”

“We merely want to protect our own citizens from the crime and the cost of illegal immigration, when it’s really their job to do it. And, instead, we’ve got the Biden administration, as I said, aiding and abetting the cartels, encouraging the cartels to make billions of dollars and to bring as many people here as possible — as fast as possible and as soon as possible.”

From The Daily Wire

Paxton argued there is “no way” U.S. immigration courts can manage the number of asylum seekers, contending that the backlog allows people to “disappear” by the time their court date comes up. The Texas attorney general also said that dealing with the border crisis has a cost in the billions of dollars, but he stressed that crime, particularly human and drug trafficking, is the most “significant” problem arising from the situation.

Paxton also bemoaned how the federal government sought to remove the razor wire that Texas officials installed along the Rio Grande River to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country, leading to a legal challenge that is making its way through the court system.




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  1. Com’on Paxton it is past time to file charges of treason, drug running, releasing hardened criminals on the citizenry, etc., etc., against the Pedophile POTUS.

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