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Texas Lawmaker Files ‘TEXIT’ Bill To Prompt Citizen Vote On Exploring Secession From U.S.

This is something that has been kicked around many times before. The idea that Texas should declare its independence from the United States, though tempting, it would be rife with problems.  For one thing, you would need a passport to go to Oklahoma. All military bases and weapons manufacturing would have to move out of the state or quit doing business with the US government. US arms cannot be manufactured by a foreign government.

Texas Rep. Bryan Slaton filed a bill Monday at the state legislature that, if passed, would allow Texans to vote on whether they want to explore seceding from the United States. the Texas Independence Referendum Act in the Texas House of Representatives would place the referendum on the next ballot.

Slaton said in an emailed statement to The Daily Wire:

“All political power rests in the People of Texas, and they deserve to have an opportunity to make their voice heard about the future of Texas.”

From The Daily Wire

The latest bill filed in the state legislature comes off the heels of one of the largest grassroots nationalist movements in Texas that have long pushed for the southern state to become a sovereign nation.

The Texas Nationalist Movement, a cohort of approximately 440,000 Texans from across the political spectrum, has been leading the charge of the so-called “TEXIT” coalition to gain independence from the federal government since its inception in 2005.

President Daniel Miller of the group told The Daily Wire that its members represent the state of Texas more than the Republican or Democratic parties.

If the bill passes the state legislature and voters later this year, a bicameral committee of house and senate representatives will formulate a plan addressing four key issues relating to Texas independence. Such issues include constitutional and statutory matters, international covenants, treaties and agreements, and negotiations with the federal government.

Miller said:

“At the end of the day, the people of Texas want that right of self-government. They do not feel like they’re being represented in a system where they feel crushed under the weight of 180,000 pages of federal laws, rules, and regulations administered by two and a half million unelected bureaucrats.”

“Texans are tired of making decisions here at home and having them overwritten at the stroke of a pen by an executive order or a ruling from an unelected, unaccountable federal judiciary. Texans want the ability to govern themselves, and they believe that the best people to govern Texas just happen to be Texans.”

“You could shift your counties over to a state that feels a little a little bit more representative of where you are ideological. But at the end of the day, it’s still the federal system that’s broken — and it’s still the federal system that drives so much of the dysfunction that we find in the United States right now.”

Democrats would actually benefit greatly if Texas were allowed to secede. Republicans in the US House from Texas is 25 to 13. Democrats would pick up 12 seats and there would be 2 fewer Republican Senators. But, relax. Texas will never be allowed to secede.




5 Responses

  1. I trust that the internal strength of the Texas population will support the ideology of being a separate entity with the strength and power of its populace to make their own decisions and not have to fork out numerous dollars to support a bloviating federal government tha knows only ONE specifically and that is HOW to spend money with NO accountability.

  2. If Texas chose to secede there is nothing the federal government could do unless they want to declare war on Texas and I’m pretty sure several states would join us.

  3. If Texas goes ..the highways will be crowded with u-haul trucks headed for included..tired of election lies and installing queer idiots

  4. I too would like to cecede from the U S!!!!! The federal government now acts like the British Parliament in colonial days!!!!! There is now taxation without representation as unelected bureaucrats and judges rule over We the People while ignoring the will of the people!!!!! Government OF the People, BY the People, and FOR the People no longer exists in America, it is government OF the political ruling class, BY the political ruling class, and FOR the political ruling class!!!!! I am in favor of abolishing the federal government, firing ALL bureaucrats, abolishing ALL bureaucracies not in the original setup, and starting over!!!!! Elections for president should go back to be held according to the Constitution!!!!!!!!!!

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