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The Biden Document Scandal Just Grew By 1,100 Pages Found at a Think Tank Where He Used to Work

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) revealed to  America First Legal, a group founded by former Trump administration official Stephen Miller that over 1,100 pages of documents were found in Biden’s old think tank. NARA admitted that the pages do exist, but they are refusing to share them with Miller. Of course, they cite an ongoing investigation. This is how they avoid turning over the documents to people that will actually take action on these matters.

NARA’s March 29 letter attributed the rejection to special counsel Robert Hur’s ongoing investigation into what documents Joe Biden have and how either he or Hunter or both dealt with classified documents that seem to have been scattered across the country. None of the documents could be classified as being kept well hidden. The letter, signed by Archival Operations Division Director Stephannie Oriabure clarifies how many pages have been found and her total is 1,170 pages.

Just before the 2022 election, Biden staffers and NARA say that they found 10 classified documents at Biden’s think tank. Since then the numbers have gone through the roof. Everywhere the FBI has looked, they have found more and more documents. Since then, searches by Biden’s lawyers and the FBI have taken place at Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, and his beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware. That does not even include the nine boxes of documents that they found in Boston at Biden’s lawyers’ offices.

From The Daily Wire

NARA is tasked with taking custody of presidential and vice presidential records at the end of an administration under the Presidential Records Act. However, the agency said it could not provide any other new information in response to other aspects of America First Legal’s FOIA request for vice presidential records either because of a lack of physical custody of certain records or because of Hur’s inquiry.

Beyond the scope of the FOIA request, some documents that have been uncovered reportedly date back to Biden’s time as a U.S. senator. Between 25 and 30 classified documents were known to have been found since November, a source told CBS News in late January.

Biden’s personal attorneys and the White House have insisted they are cooperating with the National Archives and Justice Department. Still, there is frustration in Congress about a lack of transparency from the Biden administration, even among Democrats. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, told MSNBC he gives the Biden administration an “absolute failing grade” on this front.

Classified documents have also been found in the homes of former President Donald Trump, who is facing an investigation by a separate special counsel, and former Vice President Mike Pence, prompting the National Archives to call on other former presidents and vice presidents to check for such materials.




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  1. On October 8, 2022 NARA made an announcement that ALL classified documents from the Obama Administration were accounted for and in their possession. That was a massive lie obviously made to influence the midterm elections.

    The truth is even more frightening. Only two possibilities exist.

    1. NARA has completely lost track of what classified material is where, knows it, and yet is willing to lie to effect the outcome of elections.

    2. NARA has completely lost track of what classified material is where, yet does not know it, and yet is willing to make statements to effect the outcome of elections.

    Either way NARA has utterly failed to do its job and is corrupt. As such it should be disbanded and the responsibility given to someone who will do the job. National security and the integrity of our elections depend on it!

  2. They refuse to give up the documents What is this If the IRS sent you a letter and replied we refuse They would be on you that very day This involves national security of which we have none now How are we leaving him in charge If he is not a treasonous low life then he can stay Like on paid leave Biden is a fucking trader He sold us out He got paid but nothing like the citizens of this country I am a disabled Marine veteran and it is disgusting He really thought he was going to bring us down to the control of the New World Order So we are still paying his blackmail money to Zelensky That is why he made the trip over here He talked with Biden I am going to tell congress what you did or still doing So Biden gives him a blank check Who gives a fuck it is not his money He has already got his from Ukraine Russia and China in the 100’s of millions but our payback for him is in the 100’s of billions

  3. I require clarification. Are you saying that 1,170 pages of CLASSIFIED documents were in Joe Biden’s possession?
    (Tue Apr 4; 11:03 AM)

  4. but, but, but, Trump Trump Trump. you will NEVER HEAR of joey bribem getting arrested for a thing. the bribes from china, the papers he had NO authority to take as a senator. NADA, NOPE nothing to see here folks, move along. after all, Trump is a real bad guy. we MUST IMPRISON HIM FOR HIS CRIMES. AND THE HORROR OF IT ALL, HE MIGHT HAVE HAD AN ILLEGITIMATE CHILD.!!!!!!!!!!!! sort of sounds like HUMPER BIDEN DOESNT IT???? AND JOEY BRIBEM NOT RECOGNIZING HIS ILLEGITIMATE GRANDCHILD. AFTER all, joey is a devout catholic, right? doesnt believe in that stuff or abortions right???????? what hypocrites they are.

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