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The Cook Report Has Moved Two More States From Lean Democratic to Toss-up Because of Biden’s Ever Decreasing Poll Numbers

The good news for Biden is that the Democratic politicians are still behind him….for now. That may not be true much longer as his poll numbers continue to ride off into the sunset.

The Cook Report which has a history of reading races and the way they shape up has just moved two new states from leans Democratic to toss-up.

Those states are Nevada and Pennsylvania. That is very bad news for Joe Biden. If he loses Pennsylvania, he will have almost no chance of winning.

More from The Hill:

Biden won a majority in both states back in 2020, but the president “isn’t performing any better either in job approval or in head-to-head matchups with Trump in those states than in the other battleground contests,” writes CPR’s Editor-in-Chief Amy Walter.

Nevada and Michigan now shift to join Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as “toss up” states for next year’s presidential race.

As Biden campaigns for another four years in the White House — heading toward a possible 2024 rematch with former President Trump, the Republican front-runner — he’s been plagued by poor poll numbers.

In Nevada, Biden’s “weak standing with Latino and younger voters has outsized repercussions,” Walter said.

In Michigan, Biden may have an uphill battle with the state’s younger voters and its significant Arab American population as he faces division over the war in the Middle East, the CPR report notes.

Biden is in denial of the polling at this point, but in separate polling, it shows he has lost a lot of support from young Americans, Blacks, and Hispanics.

He may not believe the polling, but I’d be willing to bet the polling is keeping other Democrats up at night as they try to figure out not only how to remove Biden, but also who to replace him with.

Kamala Harris is even more unpopular than Biden and she keeps tripping over her mouth. Gavin Newsom is not a legitimate choice after Ron DeSantis mopped the floor with him. Hillary is placing herself in the forefront, but she is a 2-time loser.

From PJ Media

“After pardoning a pair of turkeys, an annual White House tradition, Biden delivered some stern words for the small group assembled: His poll numbers were unacceptably low and he wanted to know what his team and his campaign were doing about it,” the paper reported.

Biden also complained that his economic messaging wasn’t working.

David Faris, a political science professor at Roosevelt University, wrote in Slate that Democrats ought to be panicking right now and that the situation for Joe Biden is “even worse than it looks.”

Precisely how scared Democrats should be about Biden’s standing depends on how his plight compares with those of presidents past. And there’s no sugarcoating it: This might be the worst polling environment for an incumbent president one year out from an election since the advent of the polling era in the 1930s and also the most dire situation facing any Democratic presidential candidate in decades. Panic is entirely warranted.

Various polls have shown Trump ahead in all or most of the aforementioned battleground states. If Trump were to sweep those states, he would comfortably win the Electoral College, 312 to Biden’s 226. In fact, all he’d need to win is Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin to secure victory. Currently, that’s very much possible, since he’s got leads in all of those states. It may not even be close if the predicted depression does, in fact, happen next year.




4 Responses

  1. “Biden is in denial of the polling at this point.”

    I really don’t think this is the case. If he was in denial he wouldn’t be yelling at his staff over these numbers. Also, these polls don’t take into account voter fraud. Joe and the other Democrats in power know they can and will commit massive voter fraud again in these swing states. Thus they will only panic when one of these two things is true.

    1. Biden’s poor polling outstrips the Democrat’s capacity to commit voter fraud.

    2. Steps are taken in these states to reduce voter fraud to the point where the Democrat’s voter fraud efforts cannot overcome Joe’s deficit.

  2. Biden is a tragic figure. He continues to self-destruct. A result of his mindless, careless actions.

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