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The FBI is Covering for Biden on Bribery Scandal

The FBI has refused to turn over a 1023 form that is not classified to the House Oversight Committee. I can remember when the FBI was successfully catching criminals, but now they specialize in political prosecutions and covering up for the Delaware mafia. Just as they have done with Hunter Biden’s laptop, they are now covering for Joe Biden’s bribery allegation. As a taxpayer, I am offended. My money should not be going to an agency that works for the DNC. Let them pay for it.

One of the things that the Committee touched on in the press conference was information we’ve previously reported about a whistleblower. That whistleblower has informed Congress about the 1023 form on Biden as it pertains to bribery from foreign nationals. The bribe was allegedly paid for Biden altering foreign policy in that country’s favor. There is no reason other than to cover up a crime for the FBI to refuse to turn over the unclassified document.

The whistleblower said that the document:

“Includes a precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose.”

The FBI response letter said that they were “committed to beginning the constitutionally mandated accommodation process.” Um, no, guys you had until Wednesday to give it up. This isn’t the “start” of how much you’re going to try to stall to avoid turning it over and protect Joe Biden.

“The FBI is committed to working to provide the Committee information necessary for your legitimate oversight interests, while also protecting executive branch confidentiality interests and law enforcement responsibilities.”

“The FBI appreciates this opportunity to inform you of our confidentiality interests so that we can ‘seek optimal accommodation through a realistic evaluation of’ each other’s needs and ‘avoid the polarization of disputes.’”

The FBI added: “We are committed to working together through this process.”

The FBI explained that “sensitive law enforcement materials, like FD-1023 Confidential Human Source Reporting forms (FD-1023) in which you have expressed interest, are critical to FBI’s faithful execution of federal law and protection of U.S. national security.”

From Red State

The letter claimed that their DOJ policy put strict limits on what they could turn over to anyone outside of the FBI.

“You have asked for what you say is a ‘precise description’ of an ‘alleged criminal scheme’ contained in is a single FD-1023 report. You express concern that the FBI has inappropriately ‘failed to disclose’ such a report ‘to the American people,’” the FBI states.”It is critical to the integrity of the entire criminal justice process and to the fulfillment of our law enforcement duties that FBI avoid revealing information—including unverified or incomplete information— that could harm investigations, prejudice prosecutions or judicial proceedings, unfairly violate privacy or reputational interests, or create misimpressions in the public.”

The FBI said “even confirming the fact of the existence (or nonexistence) of an investigation or a particular piece of investigative information can risk these serious harms,” which is “why it is—and has long been— standard practice for law enforcement agencies to decline to confirm or deny such a fact.”

“Thus, your request for a single FD-1023 report that you say includes a ‘precise description’ of an ‘alleged criminal scheme’ risks the harms that our confidentiality rules protect against,” the FBI wrote.

“We anticipate the Committee may wish to discuss its need for the specific information you requested and we would be pleased to coordinate with your staff to discuss whether and how we can accommodate your request without violating our law enforcement and national security obligations,” the FBI wrote.




4 Responses

  1. The FBI has actually committed reason against THE PEOPLE of the USA and when THE PEOPLE try and stop them it’s called an insurrection. The people who stay with the Democratic Party should study the rise of Adolf Hitler.

  2. It should be obvious, that if the FBI can withhold information from those with the legal authority to oversee and hold them accountable, then there is no oversight or accountability.

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