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‘The Five’ Hosts Exchange Barbs In Argument Over Hunter Biden

The Fox News show “The Five” continues to be one of the highest rated shows on the network. Recently, during an unscripted segment, liberal host Jessica Tarlov attempted to defend the millions of dollars Hunter Biden made while his father Joe Biden was Vice President.

This was in response to testimony from former Hunter Biden business associate Devin Archer, who claimed that Joe Biden would frequently be on speakerphone during meetings.

“So the testimony, and he wasn’t under oath, but he still wasn’t allowed to lie to them, was terrible for the Republicans,” she said. “He was asked if someone concluded from the 1023 form, that you all think is so important, that Joe Biden was bribed. ‘Would you disagree with that? Yeah, I would.’ Devin Archer said that.”

Jesse Watters and Jeanine Pirro said that Archer would not know about the specific incident, but that only fueled Tarlov’s fire.

“Then Devin Archer is it either the crux of the puzzle that shows that this is a mob family or he doesn’t matter.”

The panel then began to discuss Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor who was removed from his job while investigating Burisma, the company that had Hunter Biden on its board.

Despite Joe Biden’s own admission of having a role in the dismissal, Tarlov asserted that he had no connection to it.


TARLOV: Viktor Shokin was not good for Burisma, as I’ve been telling you, as has been widely reported.


TARLOV: Because he wasn’t investigating corruption.

WATTERS: Yes he was! He was seizing their cars!

PIRRO: Then what was he doing? What was Shokin doing?

TARLOV: I’m so glad that you’re back.


TARLOV: There’s a new oversight menu memo that’s out today, which, again, does not explain what services were provided.

WATTERS: Exactly!

PIRRO: He doesn’t have any services!

TARLOV: Then what did they do?

WATTERS: Exactly! We’re asking the same question!

TARLOV: There’s no proof!


WATTERS: It’s our rich guys trying to get the prosecutor away from a company that we want to do business with!

“I think we should move on,” co-host Greg Gutfeld said. “I think we solved one of the world’s most pressing problems by yelling. You know, it’s an underrated art. Just yell. That’s all you got to do.”

Last month, the panel discussed the new Black History curriculum adopted by the state of Florida.

The conversation began with several members expressing their opinion on Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent remarks regarding the curriculum.

Co-host Jesse Watters torched the VP: “Kamala Harris is either dumb and didn’t read anything about it, or she knows the truth and has decided to lie to the American people about it.”

“I think it’s disgusting. And why doesn’t Kamala Harris want African Americans and White Americans to know that Black Americans did learn skills despite being enslaved? Why doesn’t she want them to learn that?” Watters continued.

Co-host Dana Perino then swung it over to the panel’s liberal co-host Jessica Tarlov: “Jessica, do you think that she read the whole thing and just decided to cherry-pick something?”

“I do think that she read the whole thing, and I think that it’s an incredibly complex piece when you look at 191 passages. You have some good, and frankly, I’m just fundamentally uncomfortable with this sentence that Blacks benefited at all from this,” Tarlov responded.

“And, you know, it made me think of, as someone, obviously, I’m not Black, but I’m Jewish. Would someone say about the Holocaust, for instance, that there were some benefits for Jews? While they were hanging out in concentration camps. You wanted a strong work ethic. Right. Maybe you learned a new skill,” she added.

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At that, co-host Greg Gutfeld jumped in, saying, “Did you ever read ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’?Vik Frankel talks about how you had to survive in a concentration camp by having skills. You had to be useful. Utility. Utility kept you alive.”

“We are also talking about middle schoolers here, and there’s a lot of concern about what age people are prepared to understand complex issues. I’m not sure that 12 is the right age to start hearing things like and when you were enslaved here in America,” Tarlov.

At that, both Watters and Gutfeld noted that liberal educators have no problem feeding “gender ideology” to children who are that young and even younger.

“Just let me finish!” Tarlov exclaimed.




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  1. Jessica is as bright as the dark Side of the Moon. She must stay up all night thinking about her next stupid comment. She tries to use Law passages and it’s so obvious she has no idea how law in America works. She no matter how wrong she is sticks to the Liberal mantra of just let me finish. By allowing this idiot to finish 9 out of 10 times she not only gets lost in her answer she blindly backs the Demoncraps no matter what. Maybe when the 5 Fires her ill start watching again. I’d rather listen to nails on a blackboard 24/ 7 then listen her screeching for the time she yapps

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