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The Lies Go On: Brian Sicknick’s Girlfriend is Suing for $30 Million Dollars in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

George Tanios is a Jan 6 defendant whose life was upended by two misdemeanors and a vicious defamation campaign. The defamation came from the corrupt FBI who originally lied and claimed that Sicknick was hit over the head with a fire extinguisher. They also tried saying that Sicknick died during the protest. He actually died the next day. The coroner found no evidence of blunt-force trauma. He ruled the natural death causes. He determined that Sicknick had a blocked artery that caused him to have had two strokes.

If Sicknick had any physical injuries, he could not have ruled death by natural causes. But, still Sicknick’s ex-girlfriend Sandra Garza dropped a $30 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against Tanios, Khater, and President Donald Trump. This is just more intimidation tactics by the left. Tucker Carlson provided a video of Sicknick on duty after the media reported that he died from being struck by a fire extinguisher. Tanios originally faced 10 felony counts,

The felony charges against Tanios were dropped and he was charged with two misdemeanors, but the investigators and the coroner both exonerated him of any blame. The felony charges were all dropped and he was charged with two misdemeanors, trespass, and civil disturbance, for which he was sentenced to time served and released. I want to know who is paying the attorneys to handle this case because there is no way they can win this suit. Therefore, there are no contingency fees and the ex-girlfriend probably can’t afford the salaries of the lawyers, investigators, and others involved in the case.

From The Gateway Pundit

Prosecutors rolled back the 10 felonies they originally tried to pin on Tanios in exchange for two misdemeanors (trespass and civil disturbance), and sentenced him to time-served. The court acknowledged on the record that neither Khater nor Tanios caused the officer’s tragic and untimely death, and the case against him was closed.

Yet mere hours before reaching the two-year statute of limitations, Sicknick’s ex-girlfriend Sandra Garza dropped a $30 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against Tanios, Khater and President Donald Trump ginned up by a team of DC swamp-rat attorneys, and rife with theatrical misinformation. (Read the 47 page complaint here.)

We know that police on the West Terrace repeatedly sprayed their own chemical irritant into their own line of officers, and that Sicknick was at the back of those officers. (The wind was not their friend that day.) Law enforcement-grade chemical spray is much stronger than anything that can be purchased commercially. Will those officers be named in the suit, or does Garza hope Tanios, Khater, and Trump can sufficiently fund her retirement?

We also know that Tanios came to the Capitol with three bearspray canisters in his backpack for the purposes of self-defense, but that none of those canisters were ever deployed. (They were retrieved unused by the FBI, with safety clips intact.) He was thoroughly investigated and exculpated from any accusations of assault. Why is she still so obsessed with him?

Even more damningly, we know from eye-witness accounts that Sicknick’s co-workers denied medical help offered to him by onlookers for what they knew to be an oncoming stroke. Blood clots are deadly but treatable if caught early, and multiple witnesses reported noticing his symptoms. If video is uncovered corroborating these accounts, will these officers also be culpable for Officer Sicknick’s tragic passing—or is Garza just here for the fanfare?





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  1. This ex-girlfriend O Sicknick sounds like ingrown, worthless slut just trying anything to get free money . With no contingency fees , this inbred slut is going to have to get her knee pads out and hit the alley !!!!

  2. Lie, deny and never, ever, give up! Keep the population focused on false events and continue pushing narrative until everyone believes that their misinformation is not misinformation at all. What a wicked web they weave.

  3. This is just another SCAM perpetrated against President Trump and patriots by the satanic leftist global dictatorship crowd!!!!! No doubt this woman has been conned into doing this strictly for money and since the “lawyers” will get 40% of the take if she wins it is a money grab by unprincipled ambulance chasers who couldn’t care less about truth!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Siknik’s girlfriend really wants money, but he did not agree on the time of his death with her.

  5. Girlfriend? Really? Of course, she will have all of the standing necessary to bring this suit. She probably caused him to have the stroke that killed him days after J6….

  6. This skank would have no claim to the money if the case was won. The money would go to his relatives. If she could sue for wrongful death of a non related person it would open the gates for a never ending and immeasurable number of non related people filing suits for wrongful death on every person that dies. Now she should be charged for filing a frivolous suit. And sued for her actions that caused harm to those she defamed.

  7. People who tragically loose a loved one can be so deep in depression that they want to blame someone, anyone, everyone with their untimely death. Don’t judge her as being an attention seeker. She is probably not, she could be being used by unscrupulous attorneys who represent someone and get paid if they win. There are many of these lawyers who advertise not getting paid if the person doesn’t win.

  8. If those who were there were in fact breaking the law and even their presence in the Capitol with weapons, and bear spray has already been established in other cases to being a weapon. When you break the law you open yourself to every aspect of the law, any who have been found not guilty of a crime, have been sued and lost the libel suit in a court including in the appeals by the looser.

  9. Gee. Sleazy liberals and Democrats weaponizing the law to destroy someone? Who’d a thunk it? Just standard practice for them.

  10. Simply put a “Girl Friend” or anyone not legally or blood related has no legal rights to any property, or residual funds, in any case, regarding a person that has died.

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