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These 20 Republicans Just Voted Against Censuring Adam Schiff

On Wednesday, the United States House of Representatives voted to suspend a resolution that would have censured Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) for his role in the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump. Even though the motion was sponsored by one Republican, Representative Luna (R-FL), twenty Republicans joined forces with Democrats to oppose it.

This decision has raised questions concerning what is truly at stake when debating a democratically elected leader’s conduct and whether or not this action reflects our commitment to upholding basic principles such as due process and civil liberties.

The legislation proposed by Rep Luna sought to fine Schiff a staggering $16 million for his actions leading up to the Democrats’ impeachment effort.

According to the legislation, this amount represented half of the cost borne by taxpayers as a result of an investigation conducted by the Committee on Ethics which found that Schiff had lied, made misrepresentations, and abused sensitive information during hearings held before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI).

She argued he acted “dishonorably on many other occasions” and falsely denied any coordination between his staff and a whistleblower. In her introduction of this resolution, Rep Luna cited an incident from September 2019 when she claimed Schiff had recited a “false concocted rendition” of a phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at an HPSCI hearing.

The gravity of Schiff’s misconduct was quite clear given its implications for national security interests as well as its disregard for ethical standards held among both political parties.

Despite these strong allegations, twenty Republicans chose instead to suspend the resolution.

Here is that list of Reps:

  1. Armstrong (ND)
  2. Chavez-DeRemer (OR)
  3. Ciscomani (AZ)
  4. Cole (OK)
  5. Davidson (OH)
  6. Fitzpatrick (PA)
  7. Granger (TX)
  8. Graves (LA)
  9. Kean (NJ)
  10. Kiley (CA)
  11. Kim (CA)
  12. Lawler (NY)
  13. Massie (KY)
  14. McClintock (CA)
  15. Molinaro (NY)
  16. Obernolte (CA)
  17. Simpson (ID)
  18. Turner (OH)
  19. Valadao (CA)
  20. Womack (AR




4 Responses

  1. Why these Representatives did not vote to censure a liying congressman is unknown to me after ALL he speeded without proof! Why did he hide his info
    Did he NOT have it? If he was so proud of his evidence, he put it under a 30 year
    Archive- WHY???

  2. From what I understand the republicans that voted against censuring this lift douchbag is his right to freedom of speech, which I didn’t know included a member of Congress violating his oath in undermining and trying to remove a president by falsifying a criminal charge and flat out lying to the American people. lies. What really makes me wonder if they flush their brains down the toilet each morning is they are relying on that freakin’ imbeciles in Commiefornia to not elect him. Even if he doesn’t get elected he’ll still win. Elections in the God forsaking state are completely crooked. There’s a Nazi scumbag squatting in the capital for cryin’ out loud!
    This country is dying and there aren’t enough balls anymore to try and save it. There’s an old cartoon of a guy in a toilet bowl getting ready to flush himself down the drain and he’s saying “Goodbye, cruel world”. That’s what we’re left to, unless you like to eat rice all the time.

  3. The Republican Party needs to work on removing these people as conservative republicans – force them to become something else. Democrats maybe.

  4. Do these people really think that democrats would do the same for them if the shoe were on the other foot . How simple minded can you be. Ed W in NY

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