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THEY KNEW!! CIA Saw Spy Balloon Lift Off, Tracked It a WEEK Before Entering US Airspace

Surprise! The United States government actually knew about the Chinese spy balloon before it ever even reached our airspace! In fact, according to a CBS News report on Tuesday night, U.S. Intelligence saw the balloon lift off near China’s south coast, and then proceeded to track it for nearly a week before it entered United States airspace.

CBS News reported, “U.S. intelligence watched the Chinese spy balloon as it lifted off near China’s south coast, meaning the U.S. military had been tracking it for nearly a week before it entered U.S. airspace. Longer than originally know.”

“What they saw was this balloon heading east from China towards Guam and Hawaii, but then it took a sharp northward turn – a beeline towards Alaska!” they added.


That makes the ENTIRE scenario that much worse. Americans were already angry that President Joe Biden allowed the China spy balloon to float across numerous states for seven days straight before they finally shot it down on the Carolina coast.

Now we learn that they knew about the balloon from the moment it took off and didn’t do anything about it? They let it float over sensitive military bases, reporting our infrastructure, where our crops are, where our factories are located, and much more.

Americans ought to be LIVID!

Last Thursday, the State Department reported that the balloon was 200 feet tall, carrying a payload the size of a jet airliner, and was equipped with tools to collect communication signals.

It had antennas and solar panels big enough to power “multiple active intelligence collection sensors,” as reported by the NY Times.

“The United States will also explore taking action against P.R.C. entities linked to the P.L.A. that supported the balloon’s incursion into U.S. airspace,” the State Department declared in reference to the People’s Republic of China. “We will also look at broader efforts to expose and address the P.R.C.’s larger surveillance activities that pose a threat to our national security, and to our allies and partners.”

I guarantee this would have never happened under former President Donald Trump. This is truly Joe Biden’s America.




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  1. One report says “they saw chinese balloon being launched from Hinen Island in Pacific.” Now, another report says it was launched from mainland China. Doesn’t make a difference what these conflicting reports say because the fact remains…China’s wind travel from (Siberia, folks, that’s northerly to southerly). Secondly, wind from California historically travel from coastal mountain range on mainland USA to sea…folks, that’s east to west – as in the “Santa Ana” winds. “September 6, 2002 – The Santa Ana winds sweep down from the deserts and across coastal Southern California, pushing dust and smoke from wildfires far out over the Pacific Ocean. Los Angeles is in the upper left of this image, while San Diego is near the center.(end of report). So, A Chinese launched balloon from mainland China would find the “going almost impossible” from west to east” even if it were via the jet stream. So, “Lets-Go-Brandon” has to concoct another story, this ones just not working. See, Michelle Obama was at the Aguilera Concert twerking. She has her book out, and is on tour…she’s going to run in 2024. Master Obama, has seen to that. This “china balloon” story is hubris to cover for “Biden-boy” Classified documents scandal. Now, do you understand what’s really going on? Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. Kitchen Militias to decimate (really funky)marxist indoctrination and ideology (was never proven). It’s stupid..makes no sense. God Bless.

  2. What we have is an incompetent administration, an incompetent military and a woke MSM that is making us the laughing stock of the world. What they don’t realize is that when we are taken over they also will be in the cleansing process to clear the crap from now their world!!!!

    1. Crotte, it IS NOT incompetence, it IS intentional, China owns joe dementia and he is paying off on the $1 billion plus that they gave hunter!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t believe that Biden knew. He is effectively senile, kept unaware of what his administration is doing until they tell him. He is just a puppet of WH backroom activists who really run the show.

  4. I’m so proud of Biden, he has made millions of dollars as well as his son shaking down China at our expense. He is an utter and dismal fool and barely meets the standard in that category! He has sold out the United States and literally prostituted our military for the sake of a few dollars. We are at the most vulnerable position that we have ever been in since WWII all because Biden is greedy and can never have enough money, he wants more.

  5. Everyone should take another look at the U S. situation through different lens. Biden, et al. crow about their successes, and why shouldn’t they? Their recent reactions/non-actions to border and sky invasions, as well as toxic railroad disasters, are deplorable. They flagrantly, consistently fail in foreign relations and involvement. Their callous mismanagement and possible responsibility for a pandemic is outrageous.
    They deliberately cause: high interest rates, spiraling costs of goods and services, a declining morality, increasing U.S indebtedness, unchecked crime, the reduction of the U S. citizen population, the destruction of real educations, overcrowding in classrooms and cities, growing homeless sites, the freeflow of lethal drugs, the entry of disastrous cartels and old diseases into the country, financial insecurity … all of which lead to unsafe, chaotic environments for America and her citizens. These are all done BY DESIGN. Through those lens, they ARE being successful. This group of domestic enemies set out long ago to murder the U.S., and as soon as people realize this, they can either continue to watch as it happens, or remove the killers from their positions of authority, post-haste. These internal attacks continue to come from all directions, and if our Free America is to survive them, all domestic enemies must be expunged from their positions, immediately!

  6. The man has been living off the government dole for 50 yrs. He has basically accomplished nil except for bailing out AMTRAK numerous times, but of course, he needed a ride to work. Does anyone really believe that he garnered more votes than Trump or Obama? I don’t think so.

  7. The C I A has engineered EVERY war this country has been involved in STARTING at the very least with Viet Nam! Do you remember Iraq and the supposed weapons of mass destruction the C I A informed Bush of, AND their demands that we declare war? Causing An endless war in the middle east! THIS is just more of the C I A doing what the un-American C I A does! SICK, SICK, SICK!

  8. This group of Democrats/FBI/Media continue to put the lives of the American people in jeopardy. How many more TREASONOUS acts are going to be allowed? Remove every single person involved with espionage against the American People

  9. So can we expect Biden to reimburse China for shooting down their (not spy-as they insist) balloon?

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