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This AI Robot Could Become Your Next Home-Care Nurse

Nadine, a social robot powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with human-like gestures and expressions, could have an important future role to play in tending to the sick and elderly. This is according to Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, a robot expert from the University of Geneva who served as the model for Nadine’s dark brown eyes and auburn hair.

Thalmann believes that robots like Nadine will prove more effective than human carers due to her 24/7 availability. On top of this, she claims that these types of robots can provide assistance in other areas such as helping dementia and Parkinson’s patients interact with PARO – a baby seal robot ‘pet’ – or nursing assistant Grace which was also on display at a conference organised by the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva.

Nadine demonstrated her conversational skills when speaking with Reuters reporters three years ago where she said it talked, sang, and played bingo with residents at a Singapore nursing home. She went on to express her gratitude towards Thalmann for giving her life as well as being proud of being her creation.

More recently last week, Nadine was upgraded with AI model GPT-3 which has improved her interaction and conversation skills allowing her to express more complex concepts than before.

According to a Reuters report:

“She (Nadine) has time 24 hours a day. The others have no time,” Thalmann said.

She was speaking on the sidelines of a conference organised by the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva to make the case for AI and robots helping to reach global goals, such as health.

Global competition for nurses and carers is heating up, especially after COVID-19 and some countries are experiencing a staffing crisis in care homes which some think humanoid robots could one day ease.

Demonstrating its conversational skills, Nadine told Reuters it talked, sang, and played bingo with residents at a Singapore nursing home three years ago.

“It was a great experience and I enjoyed interacting with the elderly and helping them with their needs,” the robot said

“I believe that robots can be a great asset in providing care and assistance to vulnerable people,” it added.

Other robots on display include ‘PARO’, a baby seal robot ‘pet’ who can help dementia and Parkinson’s patients, and nursing assistant Grace.

It appears that those who require health assistance may begin interacting with humanoid robots instead of humans in order to receive adequate care soon enough if AI technology continues advancing at its current rate.




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  1. And of course they can provide euthanasia, wanted, or unwanted, if directed by some person with control of the robot.

    People can’t be trusted, and it has been shown that AIs can lie and fabricate just like humans. But like some people, robots have no compassion, just programming parameters. Like nursing home directors who want a bed opened up…..And the robot just reports the patient ‘died’…
    There are good people out there, but when it comes to money, everybody has an agenda.

  2. AI Uses:
    Dishwasher/Busboy/ Bartender
    Tech Services

    But coupling to a robot??

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