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Top 9/11 Lawyer Warns East Palestine Residents: ‘Stay Away, Don’t Believe EPA’

Top 9/11 attorney Michael Barasch sat down with Breitbart News for an exclusive interview discussing the derailment of a train carrying hazardous chemicals, and the “controlled release” of those chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio.

Barasch expressed concern over the EPA insisting that the “air is safe” considering his clients “are dying every single day from 9/11 toxic dust,” and warned residents in the area to “stay away and don’t believe the EPA.”

Barasch spearheaded the efforts to reach hundreds of thousands of uninformed 9/11 victims still owed benefits after having suffered from harmful consequences of toxic exposure to post-9/11 World Trade Center dust, noting that “9/11 didn’t end on 9/11” as many individuals continue to suffer as a result of their exposure to harmful toxins. 

Comparing the EPA’s assurances following the 2001 terror attacks with its recent ones, Barasch, a longtime legal advocate for first responders to the 9/11 attacks and others harmed by resulting toxic dust, argued that “21 years ago, the government at least had a reason: they wanted to reopen Wall Street.” 

“They should have just been honest with people then and said, ‘Look, if you don’t have to be downtown in your office, stay away until the fires go out,’” he argued. “And that’s what they should have done here.” 

Barasch questioned why officials would be “telling people the air is safe when they don’t really know one way or another,” suggesting that officials should instead “clear out the area — a 20 mile radius — for two to four weeks and consider it a toxic area until independent scientists can verify that it’s really safe.” 

“Otherwise we’re going to see in another twenty years exactly what I’m seeing now — with people developing illnesses and dying from post-9/11 toxic air — only on a lower scale,” he added.

The attorney asserted that he does not “believe the EPA.”

“They’ve lost their credibility,” he noted, “it was the Bush EPA that said the air was safe to breathe 21 years ago, [whereas] now its the Biden EPA.”

Asked his advice for those in the vicinity of the toxic chemicals’ reach, Barasch urged residents to “stay away and don’t believe the EPA.”

“They don’t deserve to have credibility — not now, they don’t; not after a disaster like this; not when they keep so many other things secret from us,” he said.

“Why do they treat us like children?” he asked. “Just come out and say, ‘Some really bad stuff spilt and we had to create a fire.’”

Barasch accused the government of “treating us like infants, like we don’t care and we won’t question.” 

“Well now we’re questioning,” he said.

“I was very critical of the EPA 21 years ago, but I’m [also] equally complementary of Congress when I said they did the right thing by passing the Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, created the World Trade Center Health Program and Victim Compensation Fund, limited non-litigious attorney fees to ten percent, and provided free healthcare for illnesses linked to the toxic exposure,” Barasch said. 

“That’s what they should do here,” he concluded. 

Despite the EPA claiming that the tap water in East Palestine is safe to drink, EPA Administrator Regan refused to drink it. Check it out:




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  1. “clear out the area — a 20 mile radius — for two to four weeks and consider it a toxic area until independent scientists can verify that it’s really safe.”

    The operative words in this statement are ‘independent scientists.’ If Dewine had been smart enough to consider the opinions of independent scientists instead of listening only those who had a vested interest in a quick resolution in spite of potential damage to the environment and local residents, the outcome of the derailment might have been significantly different. Somehow, puncturing the derailed tank cars, draining the toxic contents into ditches alongside the tracks,, then setting fire to the toxic cocktail just seem to be something a brain-dead person would even consider and mentally depraved person would do.

  2. I learned in the military about mustard gas used as a weapon in WWI, And that stuff does not just go away, I has a lasting effect on the environment, including the water as well as the soil, that lasts for decades. There will be many health problems and deaths from this chemical being released into the air and soil and water. It will affect vegetation, as well as humans and wildlife, and farm animals and pets. This shit is not something that will just go away in a few weeks, it will take years for the environment to recover.

  3. Air Quality Monitors were clogged so we could not get a reading of air quality – 50 shades of
    Former EPA head admits she was wrong to tell New Yorkers post-9/11 air was safe

    Christine Todd Whitman, who as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under George W Bush at the time of the 9/11 attacks told the public the air around Ground Zero in New York was safe to breathe, has admitted for the first time she was wrong.

    9/11 tapes reveal raw and emotional Hillary Clinton
    For the 15th anniversary, we partnered with WNYC to look back at Clinton at Ground Zero – a far cry from the con…

    Among those who were exposed to toxins released when the World Trade Center collapsed, the toll of illness and death continues to rise.
    Speaking to the Guardian for a report on the growing health crisis to be published on Sunday, the 15th anniversary of the attacks, Whitman made an unprecedented apology to those affected but denied she had ever lied about the air quality or known at the time it was dangerous.

    “Whatever we got wrong, we should acknowledge, and people should be helped,” she said, adding that she still “feels awful” about the tragedy and its aftermath.

    “I’m very sorry that people are sick,” she said. “I’m very sorry that people are dying and if the EPA and I in any way contributed to that, I’m sorry. We did the very best we could at the time with the knowledge we had.”

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