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Top Fox News legal officer announces resignation following Dominion lawsuit settlement

Fox News has faced a turbulent year since the departure of its ratings king and renowned truth-teller, Tucker Carlson. Recently, NBC News reported that Fox’s chief legal officer, Viet Dinh, announced he will exit his executive role with the network at the end of 2021.

Although it is a loss to Fox News, Dinh has been given a $23 million severance package in addition to an extra $5 million for two years as a special adviser to the network.

Fox News CEO Lachlan Murdoch released a statement praising Dinh for his service to the network.

“We appreciate Viet’s many contributions and service to Fox as both a board member of 21st Century Fox and in his role over the last five years as a valued member of Fox’s leadership team,” Murdoch said in a statement.

He added: “We are grateful that he will continue to serve Fox as special adviser where we will benefit from his counsel.”

While Dinh’s service was praised, Fortune described the series of events that likely led to his departure, including essentially giving the network’s brass false hopes that it would prevail in the massive lawsuit.

Fortune noted:

Citing court records and interviews with about a dozen people involved in the case, the Times reported that Dinh’s optimism led the company to prolong the litigation, leading to embarrassing disclosures of deposition testimony and communications by the Murdochs as well as top Fox executives and on-air personalities in which they cast doubt on the election claims they were broadcasting.

Dinh also released a statement in which he expressed gratitude for his time at the network.

“I have been privileged to be part of the Fox family for over two decades as a director and officer, and I have especially treasured my relationships with Rupert, Lachlan and our talented colleagues over the years,” Dinh wrote.

He added: “I look forward to continuing with Fox as special adviser, and to returning to my roots of working on multiple ventures and with many clients across a variety of disciplines.”

Only time will tell if Fox News is ever able to regain its core, loyal audience that kept the network in the black with high ratings.

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  1. These ridiculously wealthy people get millions in severance pay and “special consultant” fees even after they leave! This is the problem with this country. The elites live off the hard work, sweat, blood & tears of the working class and they don’t give a shit about any of us. All they care about is their new god, “Money & Power”. When countries become so corrupt and tyrannical there is only one solution. Rome fell because of it; the USA will fall too unless we stand up to these traitors and stop this craziness before it’s too late and there is no America. They have turned us into a police state and things will only get worse if we stand by and do nothing.

  2. He’s leaving at “the end of 2021”? Seems that this must be an old story or your proof reader is not around today.

  3. I Seen the Demostration of the Dominion Machines with it switching the Votes of 6 no and 1 yes to 6 yes and 1 no and it was a machine picked out of hundreds too by the people that Voted so what say You?? Two Vans at 2-4 am after polls closed and then they were counted what yes and do not forget that they run people out and was to close but then pulled Suit cases out from under the Tables and starting Counting them too are you Blind or just refuse to SEE Period

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