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Torture and Abuse: DC Officials Place Jan. 6 Prisoners in DC Gulag Back on COVID Lockdown, Solitary Confinement Starting Today!

The DC Jail has recently announced that the J6 patriot pod will be subject to lockdown due to their refusal to undergo COVID testing.

This news is a devastating reality for the nearly 40 Jan 6 detainees, who experience 23-hour solitary confinement on a daily basis.

The situation serves as a horrific reminder of the challenges they face while detained in the Gulag.

In an exclusive statement to the Gateway Pundit, J6 prisoner Jake Lang, who was held for 980 days without a trial, revealed the psychological effects of his nearly 20 months in solitary confinement and additional lockdowns due to COVID-19.

According to Lang, “23 hours locked in your cell alone every day is considered cruel and unusual punishment by the Geneva Convention as it has a severe effect on the human psyche. Even a dog gets to go outside once a day! Without a relationship with Jesus, I believe this experience would have broken me.”

He went on to state that during the pandemic lockdown “a side order of evil and soul-crushing treatment” was added.

Some of these treatments included:

  • no family visitation,
  • no lawyer meetings,
  • no haircuts,
  • no going outside for fresh air,
  • no cooking or showering regularly, and
  • no religious services.

You can make phone calls to DC Jail and the members of the DC Council to demand accountability for why humans are being subjected to unconstitutional and cruel treatment worse than that of zoo animals.

Such punishment is unjust and must be addressed.

If you would like to support the Jan 6 Patriot prisoners, please call DC Jail and the DC Councilmen.

Express your concern about why humans are being treated worse than zoo animals, and why unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment is being inflicted upon these patriots.

Kindly request that this lockdown be stopped immediately.

Please ensure that your communication is professional and respectful.

You can also donate to help the POWs on the January 6 Commissary Fund by visiting –>
Here are the numbers to call: (Jan 6ers are in unit C3A) The Central Treatment Facility (DC JAIL – CTF)
Ask for Warden or Deputy Director or Major in Command 202-790-6601
US MARSHALS 703-740-8132 and 703-740-8400
DC CITY COUNSEL 202-724-8000
God, protect these souls.




7 Responses

  1. Nothing more totally disgusting and evil than the democrats. We need a republican president to reveal and end this injustice. If you are a democrat you are evil, even if you just vote for them

  2. Like Paul the apostle thrown in Jail for his faith, these men need prayer and they need support and you can pray that GOD works a miracle as He did for Paul and let him walk out. Pray that these men and women these parasite find Christ through this horrible in humane treatment of these citizens who did nothing more than express their GOD Given and Constitutional Given Right to protest. I pray they all turn and find him or that all of them who set these people up fall by their own hands from guilt and truth.

  3. The abuse is a violation of the Nuremberg code. The police and Dem’s are guilty of a major crime. They all can go to prison themselves for the horrible abuse of human beings.

  4. This is about daring to question the “government “about a illegitimate election..get ready for the fix in 2024 they are already claiming the Covid scam is back you know..”stay away from voting areas or you will get sick “ ..the only thing that will make you sick is the clot shot

  5. These are our own people treating our own people like the nazis did in ww2 to the Jews. All it does is shows how bad the far left Communist democrat side really is. They are the real deal nazis in our own country. Didn’t matter that the democrats had the fbi and capital police set them up by getting them to go in the capital on the 6th. It’s all about blaming Trump for the corruption of the far left Communist democrat party for trying to fixing the up coming elections. That’s the real story, no matter if you snowflakes can’t except the truth. But know , your part of the problem.

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