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Transgender Man Applies For Voluntary Euthanasia In Canada, Can’t Stand The Pain Any Longer

Lois Cardinal, a transgender Canadian, is raising questions about the nation’s MAiD (medical assistance in dying) euthanasia program after being denied access to it.

Cardinal underwent sex change surgery in 2009 and has since been experiencing constant pressure, pain and discomfort from having their penis inverted to form a “vagina.”

Though they have sought medical attention for this issue, Cardinal believes that doctors are more focused on finding out what pronouns she uses than easing her pain.

The decision by Canada’s government not to allow Lois Cardinal access to the MAiD program brings up important ethical questions.

Should those with serious medical conditions be able to medically end their lives? How far should we go as a society when it comes to protecting people’s choices in terms of their own mortality? And what role does gender identity play in all of this?

These are difficult questions without easy answers, but we must consider them if we wish to move forward as an ethical society.

It is clear that there must be some sort of system or oversight committee that evaluates each individual case that applies for MAiD so that decisions can be made fairly and objectively while also taking into account the particular circumstances of the person applying for aid-in-dying.

In addition, it is critical that doctors and other healthcare professionals remain sensitive and understanding when dealing with patients who suffer with gender dysphoria.

In the medical notes, the doctor wrote, “The patient is aware she can contact me again for her ongoing journey for an assisted death.”

“I’m in constant discomfort and pain,” the 35-year-old told the Daily Mail. “It’s taking this psychological burden on me. If I’m not able to access proper medical care, I don’t want to continue to do this.”

Cardinal underwent the sex change procedure in 2009, but still feels constant pressure, pain and discomfort from having their penis inverted to form a “vagina.”


Cardinal told the Mail that “doctors are more interested in finding out what pronouns she uses than easing her pain.”

“I’m not getting any better and nor am I experiencing better medical care, or any medical care,” Cardinal said. “It’s so captured by gender ideologies, that they care more about my pronouns.”

Cardinal has posted videos burning the LGBTQ+ flag and opposing transgender ideology, especially how it is being pushed on children.

“I do not agree with the current rhetoric of the trans community,” Cardinal said. “A lot of the so-called trans hate is fuelled by the trans community because we aren’t allowed to have honest and tough conversations.”

Cardinal has said that they plan to reapply for the life-ending program.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or has had thoughts of harming themselves or taking their own life, get help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) provides 24/7, free, confidential support for people in distress, as well as best practices for professionals and resources to aid in prevention and crisis situations.




12 Responses

    1. The “Problem” is NOTHING was solved or alleviated by removing natural sex organs and replacing them with FAKE nonfunctioning simulated ‘parts’!

      A MALE can never become a “girl”! Every microscopic cell in your body SCREAMS your true gender!
      Just because you dress like a “girl” have fake breasts like a “girl” and have a simulated ‘vagina” because of surgery, along with a lifetime of expensive estrogen (or testosterone for creating fake men) sex hormone treatments. He will never have any of the internal female organs, nor the double x chromosomes that would necessarily have to be present in EVERY cell in his body, which would make HIM a true GIRL!
      The reverse is also true!

      · If you have a willy, you’re not a filly… if your willy has been cut-off… you’re STILL not a filly!
      · If you never had a willy, then you’re a filly, if a “willy” has been surgically attached… you’re STILL a filly!

      When one has no NATURAL internal and external FEMALE ‘parts’ that makes them a MALE!
      Remove or change them and you become a castrated “IT”, a simulacrum!
      When one has no NATURAL internal and external MALE ‘parts’ that makes them a FEMALE!
      Remove or change them and you become a spayed “IT”, a simulacrum!
      (The word “Simulacrum” comes from the Latin verb “simulare,” meaning “to pretend.”)

      When you spay or neuter an animal, that does not “Change its gender”, it removes the animal’s ability to reproduce, period! Taking drugs or having surgery cannot change your gender, either!

      Any pretend, fake, or ersatz ‘parts’ are not to be counted! As a so-called “Transgender” you will not be able to perform ANY of the natural biological reproductive processes, that a TRUE male or female can NATURALLY do, as you do not have the ‘required equipment’! All you have are non-functional things that have a pretend resemblance.

  1. How can the government allow transgenders to commit suicide? That would be to admit that this insanity isn’t the panacea they’ve touted it to be and that they encourage. The sex change was to be the answer to everything. Its supporters can’t admit that it isn’t.

  2. It seems to me that the healthcare system of Canada is not really trying to help. Cardinal might try using gofundme or gofundgo to raise funds to go to Thailand for help.

  3. Expect no sane help from medical fruitcakes that push the toxic agenda of the LGBT to victimize people with transgender malpractice. These people are only concerned with creating a WAR against real women and care nothing about the damage they have done to ‘transgenders’.

  4. I’m sincerely curious. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever come across. Why does anyone go to the government to get ‘assistance’ to commit suicide? That’s all it is, only difference is you make the taxpayers pay for it. And it’s easily done without any assistance at all, there’s hundreds of ways to do it, it’s been going on for eons.

  5. Of course he,she,it, wants to commit suicide, he,she,it is mentally ill. Sick…that is why he has his transgender surgery in the beginning. Any sane person knows they are mentally ill. Sane people don’t believe you can change gender by surgery.

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